Gilmore Girls between Ryan Gosling, the Hep Alien and the hypothetical new episodes: all the news from the Fan Fest

Published on Oct 25, 2016

@vanessamarano and @rinibell ❤️April and Lulu @gilmoregirlsfanfest @gilmoregirls @gilmoreguysshow

A photo posted by keikoagena (@keikoagena) date: 22 Oct 2016 09:54 PDT

Surprise Hep Alien reunion this afternoon on the steps of town hall! #hepalien #gilmoregirls #gilmoregirlsfanfest #whereyoulead #iwillfollow #lane #brian #zach

A video posted by Gilmore Girls Fan Fest (@gilmoregirlsfanfest) date: 22-Oct-2016 11:43 PDT

These awesome fans, let us take our picture with them! #gilmoregirlsfanfest

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