Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron, that's why they broke


Published on Oct 30, 2019


Photo via the web

After a lovestory that lasted just two months at the beginning of October, Gigi Hadid, and Tyler and Cameron, have decided to take different roads.

A few short weeks, the protagonist of “the Bachelorette” decided to spill the beans and explain to People the reasons behind the break-up with model.

“I met a person great. It is really a nice person and a good friend. I think of you only beautiful things and she I have a high consideration. I can say I have met a great person.”

If you are wondering, therefore, as never have let slip such a rare pearl, here is revealed the reason:

“I take it with philosophy, thinking I've met a beautiful person and a great friend, but we are going through the stages of life are very different. We remained friends.”

You said nothing of the saying: the right person at the wrong time? Yes, certain things happen even if your name is Gigi Hadid!




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