Gigi Hadid and Rt Malik soon the bride and groom? Here is the clue...


Published on May 07, 2020


The new tattoo Rt Malik seems to reveal another great news for the couple expecting. A few days after the confirmation of the interested parties with regard to the rumors on the arrival of a baby girl, rumour has it that the guys fidanzeranno officially: the first step toward the wedding.

Some fans think that they will announce their engagement, or that Rt is ready to ask for the hand of Gigi. The only clue is the tattoo of the ex-singer of One Direction. On his arm is, in fact, appeared a new word: this is the excerpt of a poem by Kahlil Gibram that is called “Marriage”.

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The words imprinted on the arm of Rt Malik, 27 years old, say: “Sing and dance together and be happy, but let each one of you can be alone”. The photo of the tattoo was seen on Instagram on the profile of George Khalife (on the social George the Jeweler), who also created two bracelets are identical for the pair.

“Give yourself to the heart, but the one is not in the custody of the other. Stand together yet not too near together, as the columns of the temple stand apart, and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in the shadow of the other,” continues the poem.

Another image on the profile Khalife shows the entwined hands of Rt, and Bill, who are wearing the bracelets from the jeweler. It is a gold chain with the symbol of the evil eye encrusted with diamonds. “I finally, Gigi and I, we all have origins in the middle east, " explains the Jeweler. In our culture, we wear the symbol of the evil eye for various reasons. Bring to keep away any negative energy, and in particular the jealousy”.

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“I can't wait to create something special for their child. I am very happy for the whole family. It is a blessing,” says Khalife. Are safely important times for Gigi Hadid, and got a little out of Malik, who for the first time become parents. Model Gigi, 25 years old, is pregnant by 21 weeks was a girl.

Entries on the status of Gigi came out shortly after her birthday. The model has then confirmed the news to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. “Obviously we would have preferred to announce the event, but we are very happy and grateful for all the messages of good wishes,” he said.



Good vibes only for this beautiful couple!! 🧿 @gigihadid @rt congrats 🥂 #georgethejeweler #gigihadid #rt #jewelry #bracelets #diamonds

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