Gigi D'alessio ‘betrays’ Anna Tatangelo-that's who (Photos)

Published on Oct 24, 2018

The neapolitan singer-songwriter inseparable with Nino D'angelo

From a few weeks to this part of Gigi D Alessio and Nino D'angelo are always together. The two neapolitan artists, in fact, post photos and videos on their social networks, playing and joking. For a long period of time both have had to deny all those rumors saw them live. But let's see what has happened recently.

A few months ago, Gigi and Nino had posted a photo of them portrayed together while drinking a coffee.

“This morning I went to get a coffee at the home of my friend Nino D'angelo. A nice chat between the two sons of Naples, consider and you want to good”,

he had declared the neapolitan singer. Now, in the distance of time, D'alessio, and the former blond bob were becoming often see together. Apparently the two neapolitan artists could collaborate together for a song or even a disc. Betrayal act against Anna Tatangelo? Gigi and the latter are back together as a couple but from the point of view of singing does not make something together some time. D'alessio has a favorite Angel of the partner?

“People think that we are enemies, I have been an author, I have written to him, when Nino was already Nino D'angelo, and gave me pleasure to write songs together and we were friends”,

he had declared some time ago the same D'alessio to a well-known web site.

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