Gigi D'alessio-Anna Tatangelo, the fans have chosen

Published on Jul 24, 2017

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A couple of days, the gossip was upset with the news of the crisis between Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D'alessio. Rumors that were circulating a long time, and were always denied, but now have become a certainty, even if none of the two has made it clear what the next steps are and it is on these that the fans of the couple you are asking.

The bulletin board social of the two singers from the first moments were filled with messages, not all of the same tenor. Are many in fact, those who accuse Anna of not having wanted to keep it hard and do it directly on the pages of the Lady Tata. The impression in fact is she was the one that wanted to force the hand after a period, not an easy one because he wanted to spend the rest of the summer, quiet without being always chased by the paparazzi in every step of his, but mom also wanted to preserve the future of his son Andrea, who is always his first thought.

According to what reported in the newspaper ‘The Morning’, Gigi would have wanted to rinse once more in the family, the role trying to resolve the issues between them without making them known to the public. And those who know them well, confirming that the crisis has been going on for some months, although was never as deep as now. The cause does not seem to be jealousy too-the neapolitan singer, despite the look of his partner in recent times have been more and more sexy and maybe not even alleged flirtations, such as that of the singer of Sora with Bobo Vieri. That's why the fans of the couple hoping for a turnaround, even if at the moment it is easier to think that you can come to an amicable split.

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