Gigi D Alessio and Paolo Bonolis guests from Clerici to the third Standing Ovation


Published on Mar 03, 2017


Gigi D Alessio and Paolo Bonolis guests from Clerici to the third Standing Ovation. The third round with a Standing Ovation, the new musical show of Rai1 aired Friday, march 3 at 21.25. Standing Ovation is the first show in which boys and girls from 8 to 17 years of age perform in a couple, together with their parents in front of 3 judges and special to an audience of 300 people called to express their preferences with “standing ovation” breathtaking.

This week we will follow the 6 pairs still in the challenge. Antonella Clerici will introduce the exhibitions of the evening, and will accompany the audience in the studio, and at home, along with the heats of the race, including emotions, music and surprises. In the studio, the jury, consisting of three great stars of music and entertainment: Loredana Bertè, Nek and Romina Power. The jury will, as always, the performances from a music box, hyper, special stand created not to influence the jurors by the public reaction.

Special Guest of the evening will be Paolo Bonolis, which bursts in the studio for a meeting to “close” with the six guys in the race. Gigi D'alessio will open the bet, a duet with Alessia and dad Mario (Grassano – MT), the winning pair of the last installment, and will sing a medley of the most beautiful songs of his career that is 30 years old. Loredana Bertè will perform an interpretation of the legendary song, “Dedicated”, composed for her by Ivano Fossati.

The couples in the race will compete throughout the evening, telling and singing the songs of their lives, the great songs of the Italian and international music. Will be the standing ovation from the audience and the jury in the studio to decide the winning couple of the evening and the pair will be permanently deleted.

After the opening of Gigi D'alessio, it will start a challenge between the pairs divided into two heats. In the course of the first, each pair impreziosirà their performance with the presence of a close family member who will sing with them. At the end of each performance, we will discover that the vote of the jurors, that there are 50 points each (assignable only if, at the opening of the music box, you will be standing). This score will be added to the vote of the studio audience, for a total maximum of 300 points. The couple who earns the lowest score will be at the risk elimination and will participate in the duel that will decide the out of the bet.

The second run is characterized by the performances of the couples who offer their “songs of the heart”, those that are more related to their history. The 4 couples will receive the highest score are coming directly to the semifinal next week. The last classified, instead, will challenge you in a final duel that will decide the fifth semifinalist Standing Ovation.

As always, the winner couple of the bet, and the one that will have obtained the highest score, will have the right, in the next episode, to perform with a great artist.

To comment on and follow the program on social, the official hashtag is #StandingOvation.

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