Gigi D'alessio and Anna Tatangelo without shame: ‘they did it in front of everyone’ (photos)

Published on Oct 10, 2018

Gigi D'alessio and Anna Tatangelo are back together as we all know. The two, however, they told us not to have the intention to marry for the moment. Here, however, as they have been caught

Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D'alessio love each other very much, and this is evident. Enough to see them together to understand that their is a deep relationship. Even after a crisis, the two are back together. Here's how they surprised the paparazzi.

The two singers are finally back together, doing so many happy fans who couldn't wait to see them together. After months of crisis (real or presumed), is peace made between Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D'alessio. At least so it seems.

The two get caught while exchanging kisses fiery and passionate. The photos immediately made the rounds of the web.

In the weekly Who appeared in the photos cdi a passionate kiss. The couple jetted off to Formentera for the wedding of Ferdinando Salzano, manager of the show and friend. During the party the two allows to go to effusions in public and of course the paparazzi did not let miss the opportunity. Anna and Gigi have been given to all also a beautiful performance of this song. But the two will get married? Maybe not immediately, but it is definitely a project in the pipeline.

The singer seems to again serene in the arms of her man, the father of her child. If you do not have the wedding, at least another son to the two? We can not wait.

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