Giggle Hands: fidget spinner diventra Pro with SMRT Predator

Published on Jun 26, 2017

By spinner the simplest to the most cool and with rotation records: Giggle Hands presents his vision of the fidget spinner, with the opportunity to win one of the exclusive products in the catalog!

It is the object of the moment, an unprecedented success of a simple idea, but extraordinarily engaging and eye-catching: let's talk about the fidget spinner, the toy that is conquering all, by sending in the ecstasy of the children and intriguing history of the people of every age!

The top of the third millennium, this toy anti-stress that is having an impressive success, it is formed by more ball bearings (usually three, of which the central one) are united with one another in a conformation at 120° one from the other and allows you to turn this top modern in a whirling, holding it between your fingers, taking advantage of a well-known physical principle: the conservation of moment of momentum.

Of course, it is not science that is hidden behind the fidget spinner to have decreed the extraordinary and growing success: what we all want is to be able to spin the little toy in the best way and cool as possible.

And it is here that you enter the offer of Giggle Hands, a company that focuses on quality of its products and proposes a spinner that provide primarily entertainment and top features.

A part from the model Fidget Toy Spinner base (FT01-BL) on sale at 4,99 euro, made of durable ABS plastic and features rounded corners, capable of providing rotations medium of a minute. The bearing high-speed is located in the center, while at the ends are the other 3 bearings removable steel that form the counterweight and provide the swirling and hypnotic rotation.

The next step is represented by a nice variation in colour (FT02-RM) of the ABS body of the Fidget Toy Spinner that has a texture very cool with a nice mix of pink shades. From the cost of only one euro higher than the basic model, 5,99 euro, as the former allows a rotation lasting and comes with spare caps to the central body.

Just about the components, Giggle, Hands presents a catalogue of buttons to spare the central WIRE is made of metal, a brass of the first quality that not only allows you to customize your own spinner, but to increase performance and features, thanks to the use of durable metal.

The metal and its inherent strengths and quality characterize finally, the non plus ultra of fidget spinner, the model from the true pro that goes under the name of the SMRT Predator!

If you like fidget spinner, this elegant model in brass and aluminum will captivate you with the unique features that make it a true top of the range, sold as a promotion at a cost of € 29.99:

In order not to leave anything to chance, here are our unboxing video, during which (or On which it is caught, the Predator ahahaha!) we felt with hands, indeed with fingers, the quality and authenticity of these products:

We know very well that these fideget spinner are able to conquer your attention and enter straight between the things to have, and so, to satisfy your desires, Giggle, Hands, he thought of reward one of you reagalando 8 fideget spinner Giggle Hands and 2 Buttons SMRT in metal for a total value of € 100, -!

To participate in this special giveaway lottery, just go to the web page dedicated to the conocrso by 30 June and enter your name and email address.

What to add in addition to the proposals and gifts of Giggle Hands?

Wait no more: passed to a quality and superior speed in all directions!

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