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Published on Dec 17, 2019


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Are in bed, alone for a few hours, reached by yet another mishap of the season and I have here next to me, The things that pass by Beatrice Alemagna, a wonderful book that touches on one of the points in life that makes me do more of a struggle.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that things never change, in small and large matters. My son does not sleep for a couple of nights not sleep ever! I wake up with the headache: I will move more!

Beatrice, instead, with the usual levity, and the usual depth it takes to the chest the question and dissolves in a journey that, in the end, this is a great question.

Passing things can be painful because they transform and are no longer with us, passing precisely, and yet the things that are passing away may also be a relief.

"In life, there are many things that pass. Turn, go away".

The images play with the paper pages from glossy, matte, semi-transparent, so the bird laid on the finger, turning the page took to the air: there is the same hand, but the bird is now far away.

So begins the book, with a neutral phrase which does not want to say too much about the consequences and the implications sentimental, but leaves the reader the freedom to think and to experience all of the sensations that in turn unleashes in him the text and the image.

"Sleep ends".

"A small wound heals (almost) without a trace".

The plates pastosissime enchant and the game of transparency, edited with synchronicity is perfect because it forces us to stay on the page a “double” that leaves a lot of space to thought. What do you feel when the music slips away? And when "sooner or later, the lice (luckily) disappear"?

The sensations from which there surrounds you, page after page, are not one-way: sometimes it is a sense of liberation, sometimes a melancholy or a preoccupation, an exaltation, sometimes it is an emotion that is comforting (think of the smoke of the hot cup that will reach it) or a wonder. There are also the same events that lead to different outcomes: the sleep ends and paths from the expectancy, the joy of the day, but also the vigil ends, and the arrival of the sleep chases away the fears.

You can taste one by one the images that make evident, and they experience this movement that aimed at the transformation constant; fine, beautiful and with a pittoricità grainy very particular. Everything passes, yet the game of the transparent page makes sense in a way and in another that something always remains a trace, an echo,... and in any case there is much else that remains there, equally beautiful, different, sometimes better (?).

But in this movement, one that seems unstoppable, what remains constant? Also in this case, it is only the image and the emotion that they communicate to let each one offer the words to describe it: a hug intense, carnal, existential and has no need of words.

To me, he recalled a passage from Isaiah very moving, which speaks of the faithfulness of the love of the man: "can a woman forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even should she forget, I will never forget you".

Because without a love that constitutes our person every thing that passes or stays does is wear down a body subject to time, but if your love embraces every day, our flesh, what passes and what remains is an occasion to be happy, which is what the image of Beatrice, who has an ability to communicate to me incredible, unique and palpable, they transmit to the viewer, a sense of peace, never pretend. To be remembered from someone's heart for eternity: what you can do with fear?

The experiences are universal and understandable by every reader, even the children – who among other things worship the games that concern the existence of things , hence do not skimp of give it away to the right and to the left.

Advent 2019: in addition to the book I have chosen a toy, find out why.

→ I paired this book with a press for flowers. The sense of permanence, the ability to remember a wonder, but also the joy of that moment when the flower is picked, it transmits exactly the feeling of passing things. You can find the library down to the ground, at Monza!

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