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Published on Dec 11, 2019


1/8Strenne 2019 - Day 112/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi3/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi4/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi5/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi6/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi7/8Cento Gianni Rodari, Einaudi8/8Gaia Star, Children and dolls, Einaudi

In 2020 we will celebrate – and indeed the truth has already started, from the 23rd of October (!) – the centenary of the birth of Rodari, then is it really a sin not to take advantage of this period to steal a beautiful celebrative editions that seek to enhance the literary heritage vast of this author that has made the history of literature for children in Italy.

Texts rodariani there are many editions, illustrated not illustrated, registers, collections, anthologies, attachments, and complimentary newspapers...

Today I would like to propose an edition that, among the many outputs for this occasion, I found it well managed and functional: 100 Gianni Rodari.

The design looks like a zibaldone transverse to the individual collections of Rodari and fishing from some of his most famous texts: 100 texts, in fact, between nursery rhymes and stories and extracts of novels that submits to as many illustrators, asking for a new interpretation.

The sources are, of course, stated: there are a few nursery Rhymes in heaven and on earth, some fairy Tales, long a smile, some Fables on the phone, some of the First fairy tales and nursery rhymes, some Rhymes of long and short passages taken from the Onions and The blue arrow etc.

There is a common thread explicit (on the contrary, the texts follow the alphabetical order of the illustrators involved!): Gaia Stock, curator and editor at edizioni El, Einaudi ragazzi and Emme, select texts of great impact, but also less well-known in the perspective of variety really significant.

The first text is A child of the sea, illustrated by Antonella Abbatiello:

"I know a child so poor

who has never seen the sea:

in mid-August he's going to take,

on the train to Ostia, the I want to bring.

– Behold, look – say

– this is the sea, pigliane a bit!

With his bucket, among so many people,

can steal a little, or nothing:

but with eyes that sbarrerà

the sea will take".

I would like to say that the selection was made with the objective of promoting the child and his stature, but I think this belongs to Rodari, apart from the choice of texts!

These 100 faces, stories, rhymes and stories Rodari accompany readers with a variety that looks a lot more consistent than we imagine. He does not feel any diversity in getting from one collection to another, from one nursery rhyme to prose, because the writing and the way of narrating Gianni Rodari remain a signature that is indelible on these texts. Rice, amused gaze, happiness, stubbornness, adventure, misunderstandings, ... it's all there in Rodari and read it systematically, day after day leaves a strong impression and engaging. You will clearly perceive the seriousness with which Rodari looked to the children, and the freedom with which they faced their equals (see Brif, Bruf, Braf, illustrated by Miguel Tanco!). It is for this reason that his texts always let a feeling of joy and playful, even when talking about really serious things.

Certainly another interesting aspect is the request made to the illustrators to re-think, today, to Rodari and his particular text. There are in fact other collections of texts rodariani, such as Gianni Rodari. The most beautiful illustrated stories (also this luxurious edition for the centenary), which collects stories previously explained by the great illustrators (between 2003 and 2011), and then escapes a little at the direct question: but Rodari, today, still speaks to the kids? In 100 Gianni Rodari illustrators had a single table and this, I think it was a difficult request summary, which has forced a focus on the element that is considered the most interesting of the text. The variety of styles, finally, makes it really airy an edition of a thousand faces, the format all-in-all content finally allows a comfortable reading. A catalogue of the illustrations of very high quality (from the best-known names to lesser-known) that gives you the opportunity to discover new interesting styles and to marvel in front of such interpretations and unexpected. Certainly the development of narrative images in albi individual gives another effect (for example, the work of the Gaia Star on Children and dolls, you can appreciate much more in the book shows the “single” that came out recently), but it is a different effect: in this case, the fascination lies in the glimpses shown isolated.

A book that can accompany you 100 days children from the age the most different, to me, is ideal for readings in the evening groups of brothers and sisters!), giving every day a thought, an image, a different word, but without a doubt significant.

P.S. Of Course I wrote other texts, widely you can find it all here.

Advent 2019: in addition to the book I have chosen a toy, find out why.

→ To combine this text various and multiform stamps, hand-made wants to offer to all those who remember or re-read Rodari the possibility of riaddentrarsi in the imagination and in the imagination, creating and doing with their hands. A game for all ages, and from different and varied outcomes. You can find them in the books area of the Frame.

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