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Published on Dec 10, 2019


1/7Strenne 2019 - Day 102/7Megumi Iwasa - Jun Takabatake, Dear Giraffe, dear Penguin, Wolf Guido3/7Megumi Iwasa - Jun Takabatake, Dear Giraffe, dear Penguin, Wolf Guido4/7Megumi Iwasa - Jun Takabatake, Dear Giraffe, dear Penguin, Wolf Guido5/7Megumi Iwasa - Jun Takabatake, Dear Giraffe, dear Penguin, Wolf Guido6/7Megumi Iwasa - Jun Takabatake, Dear Giraffe, dear Penguin, Wolf Guido7/7Megumi Iwasa - Jun Takabatake, Dear Giraffe, dear Penguin, Wolf, Guido

At the last meeting of Bared Children, which is dedicated to boredom, one of the most interesting books that I brought was Dear Giraffe, Dear Penguin Megumi Iwasa and Jun Takabatake.

Dear Giraffe, Dear Penguin is in fact a novel almost letter very interesting that triggers its story just from the boredom, he tells the author in a sort of introduction, shortly before the opening of the novel.

"Let's begin! How do you spend your days? You have good friends? Or are you always alone? Are you very busy? Or, instead, you're bored because you have nothing to do? I want to talk to a giraffe. “Write my story!” said the Giraffe. “I would like to read the lonely and those who are bored. Also, always involved might read it, to distract a little"".

The first chapter, in fact, is titled the Giraffe is bored and writes the first letter, and in fact is just how it goes. The giraffe lives in the savanna, but it bored him terribly, and continues to do so until one day she comes across an ad of another animal bored: the pelican offers such as the postal service. So the Giraffe decides to write a letter, but to who? Anyone who dresses over-the-horizon, or very far away, as far away as possible. Involved in this exciting adventure, the Giraffe and the Pelican are run by a throbbing burst of life: who know? The story is adventurous, unexpected, curious, funny..., Pelican will arrive to the sea of the whales and know a colleague postman (Foca) which in turn will deliver the letter to Penguin. From that moment on, the dialogue is open a Giraffe and a Penguin will accept the challenge to get to know each other, by writing delicious, and interesting letters.

"Tell me about yourself, please."

The key is this, the courteous and confident question of who asks and tells about itself. The friendship that blossoms slowly makes a smile of joy and in the end the desire to meet will be inevitable, and what will happen?

On a backbone of traditional narrative engage some brackets represent from real letters written by Penguin and Giraffe, a very short text compìti and the gentiles.

Unlike the lyrics typical of the genre of correspondence, often, paradoxically, rhetorical and self-referential, the letters of the two protagonists scatter bursts of spontaneity and candor.

In a society that is as immediate as our own, the waiting time of a dialog of correspondence are perhaps inconceivable, however, is very fascinating. How carefully you choose the words for a letter? With how much attention you discern thoughts and questions to be entrusted to the letter? And how are they transfigured the days in the wait for the postman? And with how much presence and ecstasy you taste the words of your interlocutor? Certainly the Giraffe if he had a smartphone he could have asked his friend to take a selfie, and certainly would have had a more accurate idea of his appearance and of his house, but would have been equally intrigued by that friend? Without starting a sermon on the new technologies that come close but then move away, I propose to you however, the beauty of the slow and awkward friendships that are born slow and distant, and that unveil themselves word after word, thought after thought. Dear Giraffe, Dear Penguin is exactly this: a novel sweet and kind on the slowness, the waiting, the respect and curiosity and also an ideal springboard, even, perhaps, to take a pen in hand and write a friend a real letter to those who rely on the postman.

The style of Megumi Iwasa is smooth and perfect for early readers (from age 7), Jun Takabatake accompany the text with sketches the cheerful and fresh.

In short, a novel is beautiful.

Advent 2019: in addition to the book I have chosen a toy, find out why.

I could choose something different from a beautiful letter paper and a pen, glittery?
In the books area of the Frame you can find the paper, illustrated by Melissa Castrillon (!), need I say more?

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