Gianni Sperti ready to leave Maria de Filippi and ‘Men and women’

Published on Oct 23, 2018

Gianni Sperti is without a doubt one of the most beloved characters of Men and women. The columnist together with Tina Cipollati is part of the format of Maria de Filippi's for a long time. In the past few years, however, has participated as a professional dancer at the school of Friends, confirming his true passion. In the last days one shot very particular, posted on the profile has sparked an uproar, spreading their fans.Let's see together what happened.

A few days ago Gianni Sperti has shown to his fans without veils. The audience of Men and women accustomed to look always serious, the dress and a few words. This time, she wanted to overdo it in the course of a photo just as ‘Adam and Eve’. The 48 year-old, during a photo shoot is made to capture, completely naked, clamped fast to a tree. Among the various comments, many were the appreciations in view of the age and the physical well-sculpted.

Among the various comments, they could not miss those of Tina Cipollati. The columnist, in fact, with great irony, has criticised his colleague, claiming to have copied the physique of someone else. The two, despite the quarrels inside the studio are very good friends and love to tease.

Gianni Sperti is much loved both by the public and by his colleagues. The columnist may leave school to start a new job, maybe the one from the model. Considering the great success obtained with the photo-naked, seems to have thought of devoting themselves to another, starting a new path. Although in the studies of the De Filippi would be well-paid as well as the Tina (with about 2000 euros per month), the former of Paola Barale is seeking new outlets. At the moment, however, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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