Gianni Sperti exults after the abandonment of Mara Fasone: dig on Instagram

Published on Oct 25, 2018

Mara Fasone, according to the advances of Men and Women, has abandoned the throne. Not long to wait for the reaction of Gianni Sperti, always against the girl. Mara Fasone has abandoned the throne

According to the estimates circulating in the network, Mara Fasone has abandoned the throne. In his experience, Men and Women, the girl has been criticized the first episode for his behavior. As if that wasn't enough, they also come reports on her. According to the latter, the Mara was still in her ex-boyfriend.

The issue was discussed in depth in the study and it showed that the parents of the model are not pleased with your participation in the program of Maria De Filippi and, occasionally, they see her ex-boyfriend. Perhaps for this, Mara decided to leave without show up in the studio in the last recording, and without even leaving a video.

After registration, where everyone has learned of the abandonment of Mara Fasone, Gianni Sperti, posted on social her reaction. The columnist has always railed against the young man, convinced that he was making fun of you all and wanted only the money. His post on Instagram, in fact, reported the inscription: “Finally a joy.... Adios“. There are no doubts about the message recipient.

Fans of Andrea From the Course, you are worried not to see him-most Men and Women, but so it will not be. Even before knowing that Mara would be presented in the studio, Andrea From the Course he had declared to the editorial they changed their mind and want to flirt with Teresa Langella. What will happen in the next episodes of Men and Women? All that remains is to wait for the appointment daily on Channel 5 at 14.45.

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