Gianni Morandi from the success of the crisis: the singer confesses his drama


Published on Oct 21, 2018


Gianni Morandi hiding behind her smile, the pain of a few moments. The lead single, " True told the story of his dark period

In a recent interview: "True", the television program of Channel 5, hosted by former valletta Silvia University, the wife of Pier Silvio Berlusconi, the singer Gianni Morandi is let go and moved, he spoke of his long career:

Gianni Morandi is told without filters True. The singer has traced his career from the beginnings up to the present day:

“It was 1962, I was 17 years old and I had made my debut with the musicarelli. Singing On his knees by you, to a movie, I worked with Laura, who had previously worked next to Bobby and he became my first wife. At the time I wasn't even 20 years”

The singer also adds some interesting details relating to his early work:

"My first great success was I Went to a hundred per hour, and, as a boy, I was delighted with the race and the football. I've always seen everything as a game, because my father made me work as a kid and it was like not to have an adolescence. He told me that it would be over soon, and in fact is what had seemed to be at a certain point".

The singer with melancholy recalls a difficult moment in his career where he couldn't see no way out. Morandi was slowly disappearing from the scene of the Italian music:

“The company and Italy were changing: I was still young, but we went from the happiness of the economic boom in the terror of the 'years of lead', through to ’68. To have success, in that period, it was the song of protest, in Italy it listened to above all the songwriters involved and the rock classic".

Gianni Morandi, thanks to her determination, managed to overcome this dark time and is now back in the game:

"I saved studying music at the conservatory of Santa Cecilia. Starts at the bass because there was little demand, I learned so to read notes, understand music. To enter the conservatory I, who had the fifth grade, I had to take the examination of third average. I found myself just over thirty years old, in contact with several teenagers who, at the beginning they looked at me in a strange way".

Later rebirth thanks to Mogol:

"Mogul, I propose to sing, after that crisis, I felt a lot stronger."

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