Giancarlo Magalli insults Adriana Volpe live: is the controversy!

Published on Mar 29, 2017

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Might seem like a scene for television, and an exchange of jokes and a little spicy, but that would be dampened by only once to turn off the cameras. And instead of the lite continues also on the social networks. We are talking about what happened during the last episode of “The Facts”, broadcast by Rai2, which airs daily at lunch time. Giancarlo Magalli, the historic leader of the program, has had a small spat with his shoulder, Adriana Volpe.

In direct, you were talking about the third age, and the conductor pointed out nicely how the threshold has moved beyond the 75 years, keeping us a lot to underline the fact that he is widely out. The Fox, maybe even too naive, and has commented that he in July would have made 70. Open up the sky: Magalli is immediately snapped with a “And pigliatela in your pocket, tié! You and the ones that don't say the age that got you, witch!”. An exaggerated reaction, followed by the revelation, aloud, to the age of her companion (44 years old) and a nice “But you're just a break***!”.

Tempers could calm down in a few minutes, and I Adriana Volpe rinfocolato the discussion a few hours after. On Facebook, he reiterated his disappointment in having been insulted “for having done” his colleague.

Of course Giancarlo will not remain on the sidelines, and he explained his reasons, with a comment to the vitriol. “You're the only one that speaks out of turn”, inveighs against the Fox. And insinuates that the woman does not lose an opportunity to emphasize “that I have an age pension”. So, you will discover that between the two there is bad blood, in spite of work together to-run of “mind Your own business” for the past 9 years.

For the moment, the last response is that of Adriana, who throws her on the verbal violence. “No woman deserves to suffer harassment, insults, or be discredited”. And holds us to specify that, for her, the discussion ends here, regardless of any other comments Magalli.


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