Ghost Inn – The inn of Yuna: first images of the game


Published on Aug 05, 2018


FuRyu opened the official website, and announced the first information and screenshots of his RPG just announced for PlayStation 4 and dedicated to the manga Tadahiro Miura, in Italy by Planet Manga.

One day, after hearing sounds coming from the warehouse of the inn, Kogarashi, and the others note that it is dirty and start to tidy up. During the cleaning, a laundry basket falls, and something like a seal is ripped. Then, Kogarashi and other people hear the voice of a girl coming from a miniature garden in a basket: “you're back...!”

After hearing the voice, a wind picks up on them and Kogarashi is transformed into a doll before being sucked into the miniature garden.

The player's task will be to bring back to Kogarashi.

Yuna and theHaunted Hot Springs: Steam Dungeon is a role-playing game roguelike in which players play as Yuuna, Sagiri, Nonko, Yaya and Oboro, and they make their way through mysterious dungeons while defeat monsters to save Kogarashi. Players will advance through the story, accompanied by the voices of the protagonists, while you enjoy all the types of events that can be played any number of times! In the Adventure mode then you will have the opportunity to discover sides of unreleased Yuna and the other strange inhabitants of the inn thanks to a story completely original!

We will explore dungeons that change each time you enter to defeat the monsters! If you die, all objects will be lost, so proceed with caution. The items that you collected in the dungeon can be used to strengthen the characters.

In mode, the Hot Springs of Divine Response players can even bathe in the hot springs to cure the exertions of their adventure. Of course, even the evil spirits are gathered together, and then working with Koyuzu to wipe out the evil!

Yuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: Steam Dungeon is out only for PlayStation 4.


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