Ghost Inn − The Inn of Yuna: announced the second OVA


Published on Apr 08, 2018


The 18th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine manga Shueisha available from this week in Japan, has revealed that the manga Ghost Inn – The Inn of Yuna (Yuragi-so no Yuna-san), written and drawn in the same journal by Tadahiro Miura, inspire the second OVA which will be sold in Blu-Ray bundled with the limited edition of volume 12 of the opera.

The volume is expected for the October 4, 2018 in Japan.

The new OVA, the magazine reveals, transpose the chapters 22 and 23 of the original manga.

In addition to the special animated, the bundle will also contain a poster and spicy designed by the same Miura.

In relation to the first OVA, remember, will come with support for Blu-Ray bundled with the limited edition of 11th volume of the manga which will be published in the July 4, 2018. The first OVA will adapt the 12th chapter of the manga and will contain a poster designed by Miura.

Both the OVA will have a duration of 24 minutes.

The animated series inspired by the manga will debut in Japan next summer.

Kogarashi is in trouble. Decided to take revenge of the abuse of the supernatural inflicted by the ayakashi, he wants to become an exorcist! But in the inn the haunted Yuna will have to deal with a disturbing surprise...
How will the presence of a fantasmina terrifyingly beautiful and busty? If you loved High School DxD, you will be glued to the pages of this new series!

Tadahiro Miura) launched the manga in February 2016 on Weekly Shonen Jump and Shueisha published the 10th volume on April 4, 2018. The manga is published in Italy by Planet Manga, and today you have the first 2 volumes.

Source: ANN

Ghost Inn − The Inn of Yuna: announced the second OVA is




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