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Published on Dec 31, 2017


Kogarashi Fuyuzora is a guy that since he was a child is the subject of spirit possession. This has caused great difficulties with the neighbour over the years, forcing him often to change the school. In addition, one day is possessed by the spirit of a broker, which involves him in the investment-hazardous, making it poor. Without a roof full of debts, can not afford good hotels and ends at the board Yuragi, once beautiful hotel, now retired at bargain prices due to the presence of the spirits who infest. Sin that the first spirit is a girl of high school, dressed in a yukata that left little to the imagination...

Already from the plot you will understand how this manga is comedy bases its success on a complex history, but the madness of his characters and the comic situations that arise from their relationships. In fact we find ourselves faced with the classic situation of the young student teenager who finds himself living only with a good variety of girls, from different characters, but all with forms in views (we are also at the spa): the classic harem.

The stretch ecchi manga, in fact it is evident already from the first page, with the ghost co-star (but that is for all the female characters that we'll meet) dressed up a little, and that does not leave much to the imagination.

However, the manga is also fun, and it will blow often also a laugh, given the absurd situations and the clichés typical of the genre are repeated, but with such a variety to not make the gag monotone. The characters of the rest offer a good variety, even if within the genre, then we have the shy girl, the one from the ways violent, the cat (in all senses...), the drunk buxom and lustful. The protagonist is the classic boy adelescente, embarrass with the girls, but with the hands that always fall on certain parts of the body. We'll see if, as is usually the case, the vein from the comedy school will also soon have a romantic component.

In short, few novelties in the genre, but manga is very fun to read to distract herself; a typical shonen in Weekly Shonen Jump. Of course, if you are looking for a story with a deep plot and you are not of those who believe that the fan service is enough to determine the success of a manga, turn also your attention to other titles.

The design is suited to the genre, with extensive use of the deformed to emphasize the comedy of the scenes. Obviously, the environments give way to the representations of female characters, often in the foreground for reasons easy to imagine. The stroke is always clean and well cared for.

The Italian edition published by Panini Comics has the classic volume was; a note about the translator's notes about the significance of names and the explanation of some of the situations typically japanese, very useful in order to appreciate fully the irony at the base of this manga.

With the purchase of the first issue, in newsstand, you have a gift of a lithograph in a limited edition with all the main characters of the manga.

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