GF Vip, Jane Alexander: ‘I had a problem with alcohol’

Published on Sep 27, 2018

Actress Jane Alexander told a chapter very delicate period of his life, his dependence on alcohol. Big Brother Vip, Jane Alexander: ‘Within in the house to remove the prejudices on me’

Jane Alexander was born in Watford in Great Britain on the 28th of December 1972. His family moved to Rome very soon because his parents have found a job in the dubbing. She, however, has decided to pursue a career in modeling at the age of 16 years.

However, soon abandoned the catwalk to become a presenter and actress. After a few films, the real consecration takes place in 2003 with the role of the wicked Lucrezia in Elisa di Rivombrosa.

From that moment, in fact, the woman was always seen as “bad”. For this, Jane decided to tackle the long journey in the reality and be better known by the public.

Jane Alexander has told to his companions in the cave, some personal, confessing a dark period of his life:

I have suffered from binge drinking. I could stay three months without touching alcohol, but if I was not I more, I could not stop. It happened that you do not remember what I drank and what I had done the night before. I realized I have a big problem when my son told me he'd embarrassed and ashamed of me. Even my mom started to worry seriously.

In fact, the actress has finally decided to do something to resolve the situation:

I decided to resort to Alcoholics Anonymous, even if for a short time. I have entrusted to doctors and psychologists. Now it's from June that I do not touch even a drop of alcohol.

A very delicate one that has impressed those who were listening. Jane immediately found the listening and the admiration of Silvia See to it that is complimented with you for the strength that has managed to have in that circumstance.

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