GF Vip, Jane Alexander has health problems, that's why it's so lean

Published on Nov 02, 2018

Al GF Vip, Jane Alexander has revealed an important detail that concerns you in the first person. These days many of you have wondered why it was so lean. Well, the mystery has been finally clarified: Jane has a health problem! GF Vip here is the illness of Jane

At the beginning, fans of Jane Alexander you are worried because her thinness is quite excessive. At first it was thought that was lost as a result of his mess and more sentimental. But is not this the reason. The charming 45-year-old has candida in our gut, a problem very annoying. It is an infection that causes slow digestion, diarrhoea alternating with constipation and even gluten intolerance. This candida can also cause anxiety and fatigue.

Jane should avoid taking many sugars and yeasts. When is the entrance to the GF Vip does not assume any dried fruit that loves to consume.

Therefore, the fact that the story with its historic partner is gone, it has nothing to do with his excessive thinness. They Andrea Mainardi, Jane said that would have been left equally without Elia Fongaro. The latter has established a certain feeling with the Alexander but because of the elimination from the GF Vip, the two had to be healthy. This deletion is causing him to suffer psychologically to the actress, which she was very fond of the boy. Many are curious to find out if the two gieffini return to dating, once from outside the house of Cinecittà.

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