GF VIP 4: Adriana Volpe in touch with family, and hypothesis abandonment by foiling?


Published on Mar 07, 2020


In our country these days things are happening that will go down in history. And yet the show continues, the Big Brother VIP 4 does not stop. Probably the contestants in the house don't realize what really is the situation that you live in the outside world, and it is for this reason that we continue to play as if nothing had happened. Because a criminal, of course, may not be worth the time to spend with their children and their loved ones in a time like this. Not surprisingly, many viewers in these hours are wondering whether it is really fair to continue to let competitors to remain in the house. And if you ask for it even after the decision of the Big Brother VIP say way to Adriana Volpe to have contact with the outside world.

Here are the few words that the GF has posted on the social:

Today afternoon, in the production of #GFVIP gave Adriana Volpe the possibility , for personal reasons, to have contact with the family.

Anyone who has followed today, many of the lengths of the direct, commented on the social saying that Adriana in the last hour, he feared the chance to go away, leave the game and that for this reason, at the end of the authors and the production have decided to give her a way to have contact with his family. We hope that the reasons are not more serious and that the Fox did or did not receive the news serious about his family.

For the rest, perhaps, it would be appropriate that all the competitors had the opportunity to talk with their loved ones, as the game should last at least another month and a half, something that was not expected. Only after this they should be able to decide, freely, without thinking of any penalties, whether to continue the game or not.

To know what really happened we should wait because this week the GF VIP 4 will be aired on Wednesday.

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