Getter Robot Devolution, it concludes the manga


Published on Apr 22, 2019


Through their Twitter official account, on the 12th of April 2019 the authors Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi announced that their Getter Robo Devolution – The Last 3 Minutes of the Universe (Getter Robo Devolution – Uchu Saigo no 3-bunkan) will be completed with the next two chapters.

The same day, the number 5 of the magazine Bessatsu Shonen Champion Akita Shoten has published the chapter 36; if not there will be any break, the series will end in June on issue 7 of the monthly.

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In Japan, the manga debuted in September of 2015 with a prologue, a prelude to the serialization started in December of the same year; at the moment it consists of four volumes.

In Italy is going for J-POP (3 volumes so far):

The battle begins! Giant robots, cosmic menaces, and the myth of Go Nagai reviewed by two young authors!
When the Earth is attacked by beings from a spatial distortion, the dr. Saotome recruits three heroes linked by the mysterious rays Getter: only them will be able to control the powerful robot that turns out to be the last hope for humanity, in a struggle without quarter in which the alignments are confused!

Source: ANN

Getter Robot Devolution, it concludes the manga is




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