Gerry Scotti, the truth shock: ‘He paid for, to work her son...

Published on Oct 24, 2018

Gerry Scotti was one of the presenters the most beloved of the television. In an interview not very recent, the tenant of free-Fall and has told a backstory about his son

Gerry Scotti in an old issued to Barbara D'urso told that what he has done to enable his son to start taking the first steps in television. Gerry is much loved because she has no filter and tells things exactly as they are.

The conductor of the Free-Fall in an interview some time ago, to Sunday, Live told the story of his path and his whole life:

I was born on a kitchen table, in the countryside. When the midwife saw my mom, and the scale on which it would have had to climb, said: let's do it be born here. I was one of the last to be born on a kitchen table. I have the kitchen in the DNA."

Gerry has always lived life to the full satisfactory. It was very fortunate, and has always recognized. But what is hard to recognize is definitely his talent. Scotti is a person who is very modest, even too much.

One of the first questions of Barbara D'urso is on her weight. Compared to a few years ago, the weight of the conductor is a little diminished. About the weight loss, Scotti says:

"Yes, I lost ten pounds, I doubled my sexual activity, at first it was once every six months, and now two every six months. No, actually, I had to lose weight. I am a man of a ton that he carries around his ton with ease but I have always loved to play football and now I have some problem to the knees. It happened to Maldini, who is extremely lean, you want that to happen to me at my age?".

The presenter could not avoid speaking of the son of the conductor: Edoardo Scotti. In particular, in the interview he talks about his debut in television, working as a special envoy in the transmission conducted by the father on the Guinness book of world records, “The show of record”.

"My son was in America to study film directing. In economic view, the production said: why should we pay a sent, when the son of brother-in-law is already in America? We do work him, so much so, they said, pays Gerry. And it was true, I was paying myself, but my son liked very much THAT EXPERIENCE, it was important".

In the past, it was leaked to the voice, according to which the friendly conductor had also had a disagreement with Barbara D'urso, what denied by the host of the Afternoon five:

"Once this lady who is known to be exhausted for the amount of work, she closed the transmission, without launching my transmission. On the social party is now the catchphrase: not the has launched, they have argued. No, three minutes later, she called me Barbara, begging your pardon. Barbara is a good person".

But you know that the web and the newspapers if they invent more and all the colors while creating famle non-existent and asti incredible.

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