Gerry Scotti in the storm to the beat of boiling: ‘women like To....

Published on Oct 18, 2018

Gerry Scotti was one of the presenters the most beloved in Italy, but even to him it can happen to do the slides and the haters are always around the corner

Gerry Scotti what he did? The presenter of the Free-Fall has made a small misstep. A battutina that is not liked at all.

Gerry Scotti is finished in spite of himself in the storm. One of the programs most followed in the evening in Channel 5 is one of the sympathetic conductor with “Free Fall” is having great results. In the episode aired, some viewers could not help but notice a quiz at the colors hot.

The beloved conductor has posed a nice question to the contestant in the studio:

“Many women appreciate the 12 cm”.

The solution to the question posed by Gerry Scotti, included a word with five letters, the second of which was an “a” and the fifth “o”. The studio audience erupted in laughter and the most malicious thought to another.

However, the word for the answer to the question posed by Gerry, was the “heel”.
In the course of the episode are not finished gaffes for the beloved conductor. Gerry Scotti, in fact, has placed a further question to the contestant:

“You raise it if you're happy.”

Five letters, but what?

” The correct answer was “mood”.

After this beautiful episode of “Free Fall”, but fans of Gerry Scotti are truly sad by the news that recently circulating on the net. Scotti, has, in fact, is said to want to turn the page after a forty-year career:

“The average age for men is above the age of 80. Considering that I've passed 20 to become a man, 40 to do a job that I really liked and that I got without the try, I would like to in the next 20 to face any challenge”.

The public continues to love, his sympathy, and some believe that it is the heir of Mike Buongiorno.

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