Germignaga, on Wednesday, the meeting “Adolescents in the journey towards autonomy”, with the professor Craftsmen

Published on Apr 30, 2017

After the interesting meeting of 7 April last, with professor Vincenzo Marino in the Auditorium of Maccagno, we remind you of the second appointment with “Adolescence: precautions for use”, the cycle of events organized by the association was born among the associations operating on the territory of the luino area. The next meeting, Wednesday, may 3, in Germignaga, will be the protagonist of the professor Alberto Craftsmen, who will address the theme “Adolescents in the journey towards autonomy”. Germignaga, on Wednesday, the meeting “Adolescents in the journey towards autonomy”, with the professor Craftsmen. Wednesday, may 3, at 20.30, at the gym of the secondary Schools in Germignaga, will speak at the professor Alberto Craftsmen, for a conference entitled “Teenagers in the journey to autonomy: the challenges of childhood and the responsibility of the parents”. Alberto Craftsmen, is a psychotherapist, evolutionary age. Working as a researcher at the faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University degli Studi di Milano, where he is a professor of health education and disease prevention. He has coordinated the two largest projects of primary prevention of sexual abuse existing in Italy, and has published many books for children,parents and teachers, including In the belly of the dad, Mom what love is , The words you never said (Franco Angeli Editore),emotional education, How to educate better our children, thanks to neuroscience (Fabbri Editori 2016), The age of the TSUNAMI how to survive a child pre-adolescent (De Agostini,2017), the first book devoted entirely to adolescence. Directs, in addition, the series "the books of The fathers" (Edizioni San Paolo) and "tell me about the heart: tales for children's emotional education" (Centro Studi Erickson). In 2004, the Ministry of Health awarded him the silver medal of merit of public health. He collaborates with Radio 24 in the program of This house is not a hotel, the only radio program of the national dedicated to the relationship parents/ children. Prof Craftsmen will help us to feel prepared and competent to face the many challenges that a pre-adolescent launches to the adults (parents or teachers, coaches or Scout leaders, youth leaders or educators in the centres of aggregation) and to gain a feeling of effectiveness, through knowledge and understanding of the main ingredients that the educational relationship must contain, in this specific phase of life. In recent decades, began to speak in various forms to promote the growth of children and protect them at the same time. It is a very important step, because in this moment he makes the first important transition from total dependence on the adult world to a condition of semi-autonomous status. To organise this project, the Time Bank of Luino, association leader, together to: Parents ' association Valtravaglia (AGEVA), the association of the Family of “Hummingbirds”, the association “Madamadoré” Luino Rowing club Germignaga, Committee, Parents in the Elementary School of Creva, Committee, parents Elementary School of Luino, in the Committee Smile the primary School of Porto Valtravaglia, the Italian Red Cross, committee Luino, “Emotion” Gym, GIM and Lands of the Lake, [email protected] Luino Onlus, Scientific high School “V. Sereni” of Luino, in a “Street Yoga”, Luino Volley, Pro Loco, in Brezzo di Bedero, PVL Basketball Verbano Luino, School, Dance, Gymnastics, And. the movement “A. De Grandi” of Luino and, finally, the School of Dance “Performance Academy,” of Luino. In reference to the project alternation school/work, coordinated, and followed by professor Gertrude Corsair, which offers a support executive in quality of administrative assistant of the secretariat, and by professor Silvia Sonnessa, collaborate validly also four female students of the high School “V. Sereni” of Luino. A special thanks to the mayors of Maccagno with Pino e Veddasca, Fabio Passera, and Germignaga, Marco Fazio, for the fundamental contribution and for the support.

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