Germignaga, on Tuesday morning, in the name of ecology for the students of secondary Schools

Published on Apr 08, 2017

It is now at its fourth edition, the “green Day” organized by the municipality of Germignaga, with the collaboration of ICS of Germignaga, which, as every year, sees its protagonists the students of the second and third media. The councillor for the environment Mantovani: “raise Awareness to respect the environment is crucial for future generations”. In the case of bad weather the event will be postponed to the 27th of April. Germignaga, on Tuesday morning, in the name of ecology for the students of the middle Schools. Armed with bags, gloves and equipment, the boys of the secondary schools in Germignaga also this year, armed of good will and joy and, along with their teammates Tuesday morning, April 11, leave books, questions and counters to clean up some areas of the country, including part of the bike path along the river Margorabbia. Four worthwhile hours to go strictly outdoors, with activities to raise the awareness of young people to the protection and safeguarding of the environment, starting from what each of us can do, and then educating not to dirty and to understand how it is useful and smart to dispose of your waste in the appropriate bins. Too often, in fact, on our territory, it happens that on the road they are objects made of plastic or other material that will not damage the environment, worsen the urban decor. This year, “explains the councillor for the Environment Matteo Mantovani -the part of the lake is much more tidy and clean as in the past years, in the area of the Park of Fountains, and of the Grove. So with the boys we decided that we will take care of the cycle track and the square of the commercial centre of via Time. It is a small initiative that involves us in the municipality, the pupils and teachers, and for four hours we will work in the name of ecology. In fact, the impression is that year after year there is less garbage on the streets and along the shoreline of the lake. I think that this could be a good sign, in the direction of a greater respect for the environment, not only on the part of the boys, who are very sensitive, but also adults.”

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