George Hull and Alessandro Bilotta Romics d'oro XXV edition


Published on Feb 25, 2019


And George Hull on the second Romics d'oro announced for the twenty-fifth edition: 4-7 April, the visionary concept designer of the great science fiction hollywood will be the guest of the international exhibition on comics, animation, videogames for years now, organized in Rome.

Born in India and graduated in Industrial Design, George Hull, and made his debut in Forrest Gump, but his transition to science fiction was practically immediate, as the Lead Visual Effects Art Director for the special editions of Star Wars – The empire strikes back and return of The Jedi, and then for the second Jurassic Park.

Other titles in the filmography of Hull you will find many of the unforgettable works of science fiction hollywood contemporary: from The Matrix: Reloaded and the Revolution in Cloud Atlas, until you get to Blade Runner 2049, Wall-E and Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2. Other films which have occupied and we remember their weight in the collective imagination are V for Vendetta, Terminator Salvation, Transformers 3, Iron man 2 and the new Godzilla: the Kings of Monsters, arriving in theaters next summer.

The third author is awarded the prize is the Italian Alessandro Bilotta, screenwriter, scriptwriter, and story editor of the most famous comic series and the father of the series Mercury, Loi. Born in Rome, class of 1977, Bilotta started his career as a scriptwriter and screenwriter for the series Martin Mystère. In 1999, with other authors, the romans founded the publishing house Montego, to whose care, among many others, The amazing adventures of Giulio Maraviglia – inventor, the latter pair with Carmine Di Giandomenico, artist with whom was born a prolific partnership success (data also from The Doctrine, realized as a pair in 2006).

In 2007 he made his debut as a writer on Dylan Dog, with a story published on the Giant N°16 and to which creates the saga of The Planet of the Dead. In the following is also a scriptwriter and story editor of the animated cartoon Winx Club, an Italian success in the world.

Appeared for the first time in the register 28 of the series of Stories, Mercury Loi becomes the protagonist of the eponymous monthly series, starting from 2017, with the covers illustrated by Manuele Fior. Loi is a professor at the university of great curious, she loves to walk idly to Rome, 1826, and leave you intrigued by the characters he meets and the city itself. Little action, few against physical between the characters, lots of introspection, lots of desire to explore the potential of the narrative. The references to art, literature and psychoanalysis form a dense weave of references in every work of Bilotta.

The success of Bilotta is not limited to Italy, but extends to France, where he works with Les Humanoïdes Associés, Editions Delcourt, and Vents d'ouest. With this last public Roman which has a great response to criticism at the international level. Among other collaborations as a screenwriter include the series the Pirates the class Y for The Magazine and the one with Bonelli on the register of Dampyr 172, The high priestess of Rome and on the series The Stories, for which he writes The dark side of the moon, and Nobody.


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