Genoa, M5S: the court welcomes the action of candida Cassimatis. “We vintoooooo!”

Published on Apr 10, 2017

The court of Genoa welcomes the appeal presented by Marika Cassimatis, a former candidate for mayor of the M5S of Genoa, on whose application the leader Beppe Grillo had vetoed. “The confirmation was there, we won on all fronts, " comments to the Adnkronos Cassimatis – they welcomed all of our requests, and we are satisfied, we are happy and it was a battle for the freedom of expression”. “A ‘Trust me’ – he continues – does not make law”. Genoa, M5S: the court welcomes the action of candida Cassimatis. “We vintoooooo!”. The judge Roberto Braccialini has suspended the exclusion of the list of Marika Cassimatis, the candidate of the Movement 5 stars winner of the Comunarie candidacy for mayor of Genoa, and then “excommunicated” by Beppe Grillo. The Cassimatis and his list had been rejected by Cricket for some like to the comments of the exiled Movement as the mayor of Parma Pizzarotti and the municipal councillor, municipality of Genoa Cherubs, “when they were still in the Movement” defended the professor. Cassimatis in the past few days has been suspended from the Movement. “At this point, it has appeared, the candidate for mayor of the Movement 5 Stars to the administrative provisions of Genoa, having been accepted, the instances we presented” so Marika Cassimatis to Tgcom24. “We are very happy for this victory and I hope there will be a meeting of clarification with the staff and with Beppe Grillo,” he added. The decision of the civil court of Genoa, however, complicates the situation in the house Five Stars because, in fact, cancel the whole: the exclusion of the professor and the possibility to represent the M5S Luke Pirondini, defeated by Cassimatis, but the winner of the Comunarie bis convened by Grillo with the online vote in the whole of Italy carried out after the cancellation of the Comunarie march 14, won by Cassimatis. At this point, the risk is that the Movement does not have candidates in the elections to Genoa. The decision of the judge may be contested by the lawyers of the Movement 5 Stars. Lawyers can make a claim against the ordinance to see overturned the decision. The judge has suspended the “repechage” of the list of Luca Pirondini. The civil court has therefore accepted all the urgent petition submitted by the lawyers Lorenzo Borrè and Alessandro Gazzolo. The professor commented on Facebook “We vintoooooooo!”.

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