Gemma Galgani will meet her suitors virtual? The advances of the U&D come from Mary


Published on Apr 30, 2020


Is doing much to discuss the new version of Men and Women, absolutely rejected by the public that he preferred to change the channel these days. But does also discuss the choice of Gemma Galgani seen in the episode aired yesterday, April 29, 2020. The lady in turin, in fact, he started chatting with a suitor virtual of 26 years. The Galgani was justified by saying that, according to her, the man who wrote beyond the screen of the PC is much bigger, he realizes the things that he says, and that this continues to be interested in him. Tina Cipollati and not at all pleasing to the considerations of the Gem, and fails to explain what, a guy of 26 years, can see a woman who could be his grandmother...

In the next few episodes of Men and Women, as we reveal the advances given by Maria de Filippi. Gem will have even the opportunity to meet the people she's met in the chat these days. Are true? They have lied? They sent the photo to be false? Gem, apparently, will find out shortly and we'll find out together her.

Interviewed by Vanity Fair, Maria de Filippi has given advances, which reveal to us what will happen in the next episodes of the program on Channel 5.

Will finally see who has been chatting to will in a sort of funnel that takes in the studio, and there, he will meet Occhiblu, CuorDiPoeta and Sirius, who is said to have 26 years, even if the Gem does not believe it. It is then that he will understand if behind the chat there is a sòla or the truth.

Then the next week, according to the advances that come to us directly from Maria de Filippi, Gemma will find out who really are the people with whom he has decided these days to chat.

And also we with you we will discover who really are these people. For example, blue-Eyes has really sent a picture of her, or, as argued by fans of the broadcast, has used the photo of the eyes of the actor to conquer Gem?

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