Gemma Galgani chat with Blue-Eyes, but it's a fake, and the public about the social bet on the name


Published on Apr 21, 2020


We are preparing a new springtime, which this time will not be starring Pamela Prati, but Gemma Galgani with her admirer mysterious? And that's what it would seem after the first few episodes of the new version of Men and Women dedicated to the virtual knowledge of the lady of turin, and of some men who seem to be interested in her. Maria de Filippi had warned Gemma: could be out of the sun or of the pleasant surprises.

You will have seen that in these first two episodes of Men and Women, Gemma Galgani has undertaken a number of knowledge, one with Blue Eyes, one of the first to start chatting with her. Blue eyes has also sent a photo of Gem and today, while on Channel 5 aired the episode of the program, some viewers very careful have started to speculate that the look seen on the PC of the lady could be that of a well-known actor.

Who are then these blue eyes?

According to the viewers who follow with passion the Men and Women, the person in chat could be Armie Hammer, american actor protagonist of the film Call me with your name. The actor is very well known also in Italy, precisely for the great success that the movie had. And’ in fact the co-male protagonist, Oliver, a young american researcher who is losing the head-to-Helium, which he discovers thanks to the feeling for him, to be homosexual.

The photo used for the chat with Gemma Galgani, would seem to be precisely that of the american actor. The only problem is that now Gemma will read all the articles and comments that came in regarding and ask questions or maybe ask you also to his Blue Eyes to see if it is a fake or only if you hide behind a look famous to avoid showing his true blue eyes!

In the meantime, we continue to ask ourselves if indeed we could not do better with a Men and Women different from what we are seeing...

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