Gemma Galgani, and Marco Firpo together at Easter: the lady of the throne over is radiant


Published on Apr 18, 2017


Easter has arrived and it also passed, as will be happened between Gemma Galgani, and Marco Firpo they spent together these days of relax, far away from the cameras of Men and Women? Judging from the picture that the lady of the throne over he posted on his page Instagram official, we imagine that things between her and Marco have been good because it seems to be really to the seventh heaven. Gem in fact, smiles, wishes of Good Easter to all of its fans and not only! The lady of the throne over had a lot of expectations from these days to spend in the company of Marco convinced, more than ever, to conquer the Firpo even if the feeling of the public at home, and not only, is the one that the knight has no intention of being seduced and violated by Gemma. What you will have found the lady in her Easter egg, there will have been the biggest surprise? We'll know definitely in the next episodes of both Men and Women, also for this we can't wait to record the episode dedicated to the the throne over to have some juicy details about the days spent in the cottage of the fairy tale of the good Mark in Liguria. In the meantime, however, we find out how he lived Gem also on the social these hours in the company of Marco. What has happened between Gemma and Mark in the period of Easter? The knight will be given by yielding to the advances of the lady?


Good pasquaaaaa!!! Many loving wishes to all of you... my thoughts go to all those who today are less well of us... those who are without a company!!! I hope that my thoughts reach all of them... accompanied by a kiss and a hug!!!!
A chocolate greeting to you and thanks for being there also this Easter!!!!!basins and see you soon!!!!! Good appetite... #gemmagalgani

Judging from the words of the lady, her this Easter he spent in the company of a person he or she loves, and imagine that it's Marco. Gemma shows really smiling in the photo that has chosen to post on social even if there are details that make us understand what the lady was doing. Someone, however, took the pic, it was the beautiful Mark?

On Facebook, instead the lady was told to have the past hour beautiful and full of confidence but made no mention of the presence of Marco, was also preparing to ask not to tell too much to not give many of the advances that has happened to the public of the Channel 5 ( there is, however, in the network a photo showing Gemma and Marco together, the rest of the fans of the couple are many, which was to be expected that some of the shots stolen had made the rounds of the web)?

The last moments of this Easter.. are going to finish these holidays!!! What we carry inside? Lots of sun, food and relx... tomorrow we return to life as always but a special thank you goes to those who in these days has continued to work for us.. doctors, nurses, the brigades... in short, all those who have not stopped to ensure us to stay well...
a greeting to you precious go to you that you have been with me these days... basins and goodnight

And after a few days of well deserved rest you will return to everyday life

Hello!!!!! And here we are, catapulted back into normality, which is a beautiful thing and charming... normality makes us who we are... each day with our to do and every day with something that we carry with us from the day before... let's enjoy the year stra normality!!!!! Basins and have a good day !!

And to know then how things went between Marco and Gemma in the Easter holidays we can only wait for the next episode dedicated to the throne over, we can't wait!




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