Gearbest: cancelled Italy Express for Christmas


Published on Dec 07, 2017


Here we are, there we are again, the problems for the shipping GearBest is more loved by the italians, not the end. All of this is happening in these hours when many of us are preparing to buy Christmas gifts. Italy Express was cancelled in view of the holidays, leaving it active only for some categories of products.

After the upheavals of the past months, which had seen first the cancellation and then restoration of the shipping in Italy Express to GearBest, it seems that we are back to the starting point. The well-known and popular shopping site on the network has just announced that this type of shipping subità strong limitations in the christmas period.

It will be possible to use Italy Express only for purchases under $ 25 and with a weight less than 2 KG. You dreamed about a new smartphone for Christmas? Maybe you'll have to change your plans. Always the leadership of GearBest recommended to use the service to Post Air Registered that takes advantage of the Dutch post office for shipping.

In this case, you still need to pay the customs duties that will be refunded only if the order by 31 December. However, there is not certainty on the date of receipt of the order that could slip beyond January 2018. Although the company has stated that such decisions could be unilateral action, our advice for now is to lean to other online stores for the purchases of the parties. If you don't know where to bang your head, allow us to give you a few tips.

With regard to shipments in transit and instead, there should be no problems and what you have ordered should arrive on time. If you want to buy from GearBest make sure that the products you select are directly sourced from warehouses in europe, so as to not cause delay or extra payments.

For offers of Christmas instead, we will keep you informed of everything that passes through the web. For step even, we suggest you connect to our channel Telegram where I will post all of the occasions and last minute discounts can be found online. If you do not use the well-known IM service you can always follow us on our page Facebook.

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