Gazpacho of strawberries

Published on Jun 20, 2019

The gazpacho of strawberries, affectionately called fragpacho from one of the girls who works with me in the office, is the recipe that I have proposed in the direct the other week as a quiz I made to see my beautiful strawberries just purchased, and I challenged you to guess that particular recipe, salad, I would have made a 😉 The winner, that was really fast, won a kit misyano. But let's get to the recipe... you All know that gazpacho, the famous cold soup of andalusia, prepared with vegetables (tomato, pepper, cucumber) with raw. In this version, the pepper and the cucumber are replaced by strawberries, which, together with the tomato create a dish that is surprisingly good: fresh, tasty and light, perfect for the beautiful season that is reportedly now arriving.

Wash strawberries and tomatoes, clean the onion, remove the stalks of the strawberries and cut all to pieces, including the 2 slices of bread.

Put everything in a bowl, season with transfer them into a bowl, add salt, pepper, red pepper, oil and vinegar and begin to whisk with a blender (alternatively, put everything in a blender and blend as well). If needed, add a little cold water to help you get a fluid consistency but creamy.

Serve the gazpacho of strawberries at room temperature or well chilled in the fridge, accompanied by a few pieces of extra bread, natural or toasted.


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