Gathering One Piece Lucca Comics 2017 - All the details of the event!

Published on Oct 31, 2017

At the Gathering, One Piece Lucca Comics 2017 is the event that will gather all the cosplayers dedicated to the work of Eiichirō Oda

Saturday, 4 November, in the kaleidoscope fervor of the adventure that is the Lucca Comics and Games 2017, which will take place at the Gathering, One Piece, an event that no fan of the franchise, born from the famous manga Eiichirō Oda should lose.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Luke Law, the organizer of the event who has spoken to us of the origin and details of this particular meeting, dedicated to cosplayers and fans, who will sail the seas of fun in the company of the ship's most hilarious is that Lucca can accommodate.

Hello Luke welcome to Justnerd. Let's start with the most immediate: how did the idea of the gathering in One Piece?

Hello! The idea of the gathering of One Piece does not take birth from us: legend has it that it is manifested in autonomy in the far 2012, from unknown entities to then be passed down from year to year. Therefore, we only jumped on a bandwagon that was already in the running!

The latest historical sources certain instead of telling that the 2013 and 2014 has been organized by a friend of ours, Paola of October Photography. Instead, this is the third year that we have taken in hand the reins I, Vitas, and Amber, and we have inherited the burden and the honor by 2015; then who knows for the future if and when we pass the baton

Can you please explain what is the event? What are you planning?

The event is a meeting place in the mass of cosplayers of One Piece, then usually follows a beautiful parade and after the parade, we stopped in a place where the cosplayers know each other, make friends, organize your photos and videos.

If there are organized activities, those who want to participate freely (for example in the last year with you JustNerd we tried to coordinate all of to turn a part of one of your cosplay music video).

However, all that is the background of the gathering is mostly a healthy fun and lots of laughter (and then the Cosplayers of One Piece you can notice and make note... they scream and they sing a lot!!!) They are fantastic!

Where was held the first edition?

As I said you have news of the first gathering in 2012, and it has always been organized in Lucca which is certainly the event that is more suitable to gather a substantial number of Cosplayers!

How many participants have you had in the last edition?

Then Vitas, who is a maniac of the accounts and of the accuracy, which can be said with certainty the presence of 284 cosplayers at the gathering last year. This year, with 240 participants and 413 interested on the event page, we hope to reach the 350!

You have something special planned for this year?

Special is a big word... Special is all about the gathering itself! However, there will be the traditional “sticker to remember” which is given to all the participants!

Every year we try to the limit of our ability to make something “new”. This year we thought, for example, a game as old as my grandmother, to involve the cosplayer, and for the winners there will be a small prize (to the game can participate all the cosplayers for free!).

Those who want to join you and attend the event, must do something particular?

The fundamental requirement is one, bring with you a lot of fun! Of course, you have to bring a cosplay from One Piece, and the motto is “the More we are, the better it is”, therefore no one should raise the issue of whether or not there are any duplicates of your character. Anyone is welcome! Of course, friends and curious people who want to participate in cosplay are welcome... but, for them, no sticker! Ahahahaha!

For all the information for times and places there is the event page on facebook the One Piece Gathering Lucca Comics 2017.

What cosplay bring to the occasion?

This year, we organizers are themed Baroque Works! I'll bring Mr3, Vitas Mr5 Amber and Miss Valentine. It is one of the first sagas of One Piece, but we are of the old lever and we are nostalgic for.

There are projects in the pipeline that you failed to make but which could see the light in the future?

Heck if there are!!! Of cartridges we have many, but there seemed to be the case, not to shoot all together! (also because otherwise it would be impossible to manage the gathering...we already are in many, and with too many things to the head is not we would be able to enjoy the gathering)

In addition, the rally is an amateur event to 100% , it is not official and we do not have a sponsor and maybe that is why he so successful. Unfortunately, when the game enters the “official” often come into play the mechanisms for selecting this or that, or the cosplayers will feel a little bit used as “free advertising”.

Not to mention the people that would say: “And, well, organize it, because there is a gain”!

I would say that this is the strong point of our gathering, makes the cosplayers feel really an integral part of this “crew” of friends! The rally is “self-financed” so to speak, for this we do not organise big things, but what do we do with pleasure!

We also have the help of our friends, who lends us the megaphone (Thanks Andrea), who helps us during the gathering and so on! The “advantage” that we have is the participation in numerous of the Cosplayers, and it is a gratification huge!

Thanks Luca for your availability and for all the information that you have provided to us and have provided to all those who wish to lose part in the event, both as a cosplayer and as amateurs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the cosplayers of One Piece that we always show unbounded affection and you JustNerd to this corner of the attention that you have given!!!

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