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Published on Nov 14, 2017


A group of high school students is taking a trip. While you are on the bus that transports them, this leaves out of the way, falling from a bridge. A few moments after the passengers awaken in an empty room with a strange black sphere that suddenly becomes active. The veterans Abiko and Fujimoto trying to warn them about what they will face but, of course, many students believe it is a TV program, or similar. But the reality is very different when you acconrgono to be transferred to the zoo of Ueno, in which they must hunt down the Alien Beast.

We face one of the spin-off of Gantz, which began in Japan in 2005, and which is composed of three volumes. For now, it seems disconnected from the series, the original of Gantz if not for the fact that one of the students, Kurona, has the same name as the protagonist of Gantz (Kurono). However, the links seem to end up here as it is not necessary to have read Gantz to understand what happens in this manga, given that the two veterans explain in a detailed enough “game” to deal with.

This is positive, but it is also true that those who know the original series will not feel the same impact of news that the trial of the neophyte, and, to tell the truth, the plot of this first issue presents quite a few other elements are appreciable, apart from the female breasts, real trademark of the series...

The dialogues are really drawn, and often result in nothing more than phrases, mundane and not necessary, worthy, however, of characters who do not have a minimum of charisma. The same is the protagonist, Kurona, is revealed only on the last page for the goal that is proposed, for the rest it seems one of the many students without the charisma that we see at the beginning of the manga. But we have, in theory, still two volumes to ricrederci.

Even Abiko and Fujimoto give the impression of being able to have their say in the future, producing for the time being mere instructors of the game.

In short, the fanservice, and some scenes are bloody are the master, also thanks to the choice of introducing so many young girls in the plot. A real shame, because it is a spin-off often resolves to the authors a useful supplement to deepen the elements of the main plot. Here, however, we have chosen to follow a path completely independent, but it seems that the sole purpose is to exploit the name of the franchise.

The artistic side improves a bit the overall mark, but in my opinion we are far from the magnificent plates that Gantz had failed to propose in its main series. Keita Iizuka maintains the realistic style of Gantz original, but here many many times and the scenes appear flat with shadows, which often is not the state of the art. The dynamism of the movements, instead, is made well, especially in the combat scenes with the aliens in the Ueno zoo.

Coming to the Italian edition: Planet Manga, we have a classic column, without jacket, for a price of € 4,50, without any editorial that present the primary series.

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