Games United states will be present at Lucca Comics, here's the news that will bring

Published on Oct 13, 2016

The publisher and distributor giochi Uniti will be present at Lucca Comics and games, with many previews for the world of board games.

Could not miss and certainly one of the editors of the most influential on the landscape of the table games at the Lucca Comics & Games in 2016. We are talking about Games States that, up until a few hours ago, had not yet officially announced its presence at the festival of lucca.

He did this now, via a post published on his official website, also listing the games that bring you a preview of the event:

Yes, the event more fun, crazy and colorful of the year is finally about to return: the Lucca Comics & Games, the main Italian event dedicated to comics, cinema, illustration, game, video game and entertainment intelligent, will take place this year from 28 October to 1 November in Lucca.
Like every year, the Games United states will be present, as a real protagonist.
Inside of the Playground States, located as always in the area A01, at the Padiglione Carducci, the fun will be guaranteed by the more than 35 tables demo available to try out all the new features of the next season, or simply to devote himself to the lines the most-loved always. Will be, in fact, also present areas for the games most historic and rare, but also spaces for role-playing games the most loved just as much as the legendary Pathfinder.
Do not miss the space dedicated to the outlet, in the area of M31, where the smart ones and fans will find every day new offers at discounted prices!

Several will be the latest preview which Games States will bring to Lucca:
– With Guilds, players in their guilds will have to obtain the King's favour, raising their internal characters, the most prestigious for a strategy game from the mechanics simple and the graphics spectacular.
– In the Rhein, Rivertrade, the game will take place in the Rhine, one of the longest rivers in Europe and a key route for trade and transportation of goods since ancient times. In this addictive game of trade and transport, the winner of the match will be the one that will realize the greatest gains.
– Fun and laughter are the protagonists in the “almost shining kingdom of the goblins” of the royal Wedding where everything is (almost) ready for the marriage of the Princess Koncita. Between preparations for the last minute, the princesses nervous and pesky, small, goblin the marriage he will have to do?
– Revolutions, events and gatherings clandestine conspirators are the soul of the Dark empire, revolution, game of bluff and strategy within which the population is in revolt against the Emperor Flaut III. In this dynamic card game, five factions, the revolutionary you are raised and each one has its own goal. Who shall prevail?
– Dungeons are places full of great treasures...but also very dangerous. You want to get rich without risking your skin? Dungeon Heroes Manager is just what you need: in this irreverent and sarcastic game, the challengers will take on the guise of the “lenders of looting” unscrupulous of the Dungeon, engaging, and leveraging a meat shield...ops, valiant Heroes in the Taverns.
– Those who prefer the terrifying experience of the game by the taste of horror worshipping the new Kingsport Festival: The Card Game where, between the ancient mysteries, scary caves, and evil cultists, the players must try to preserve their sanity and get the most number of points Worship.
The fun in the Playground States never ends!!! After he discovered the news, anyone can pass the time by playing with your friends or your family to the favorite table games: from Carcassonne, with its streets and its castles, up in Puerto Rico, with its plantations, and strategies. From The Legends of Andor, with its brand new spin-off of The legends of Andor: Chada and Thorn, up to the Marco Polo for a mysterious journey to the East. And not only that, countless other games, all to discover, will be available to be tried.
The surprises of the Games United states do not end here: it is continuously updated the programming of different meetings and appointments with some of the Italian composers of the games including, already confirmed, what with Enzo Troiano, who, for the occasion, will present an original comic and will be available for different sedutefirme.
In short, to Lucca, from 28 October to 1 November, including news, tournaments and surprises are expected to be five days of fun dedicated to the lovers but also to families, to adults and children ...Games United states awaits you!

You will visit the stand? What you'll play? Please let us know via a comment below!

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