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Published on Jul 11, 2018


The thing that most annoyed me in absolute annoying and mostly very boring Games of Power To Fly, is that the movie is not only useless as few other films released in Italy in the course of 2018, but even in its Italian version – boasts of the same exact title of a cult of the ’90s that the cinema of the spy helped to improve it, perhaps in the hope of being pulled to it.

The more observant among you will have certainly noticed: Power Games (in original Patriot Game) was, in fact, the title of the second film adaptation of the literary saga created by Tom Clancy and centered on the figure of the analyst, and director of the CIA Jack Ryan, this time played for the first time by Harrison Ford (who would return in the next film, Under the Sign of Danger, before giving way to Ben Affleck, the protagonist of The Summit of the Voltage) after that Alec Baldwin had brought for the first time on the big screen in the sensational Hunt for Red October by John McTiernan, with the unforgettable Sean Connery in the role of captain Marko Ramius.

Of course, the poor Fly is free from this guilt, bordering on outrage. Unfortunately for him, however, he is guilty of all the rest.

The Danish film director, known primarily for the trilogy drama The Bench, The Inheritance and The Innocent, demonstrates not only do not know the mechanisms of the spy-movie, but also not to be able to bring to the screen a script (written by him), and this is from a true story. By definition, the audience already knows the outcome of the story of a biographical film, and the director, this should put it into account, aiming to capture the viewer in other ways, proposing a succession of breakthroughs, the double games and deception. In this film everything is there, but is thrown out there with such a hurry, scialberia and, especially, predictability, as to make the story – very interesting – nothing more than a pile of clichés of the genre, among other things, told without the least stain, as if even the Fly was convinced of what he was trying to do on the set.

On the other hand, Ben Kingsley what he had to do he had in his head so clearly that his character, the antagonist, is dashed – or rather walked – in a manner so pathetically exaggerated since the very first shot. The film, based on the desire to be predictable, of course, him conceded, without even try to add some tone of ambiguity to his Pasha, Kingsley (Iron Man 3, Shane Black had cheated in a brilliant audiences all around the world), here succeeds in the undertaking until now considered impossible of be even more a caricature of his attoruccio enough money to Trevor Slattery.

Based on the scandal of the Oil-for-Food, the famous and shameful operations of the United Nations in 1997, on the paper would have had to bring goods of the first necessity in the territories of the iranian devastated by the victims of the regime of Saddam Hussein, but that ended up enriching the ruthless dictatorship, Power game is at its best a review of newspaper headlines at the time, and at its worst a product of boredom.

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