Games, Decree of Dignity: ad campaigns stronger than before the ban


Published on Sep 14, 2018


“The Decree of Dignity requires the prohibition on the advertising of gambling, but anyone who has a contract in force may continue to do adv until July of next year. However, the premature decision of Facebook and Google to ban in their own channels advertising at the gambling was a big blow to the industry. This will impact quite significantly on the marketing for any operator, because it is crucial for bookies to reach their fans through Facebook”,

he said in a recent interview the manager of Leovegas Italy Niklas Lindahl.

Lindahl argues that it was a choice to be premature, and unnecessary, because the advertising on Facebook would be able to continue until the summer of next year.

“The government wanted to reduce the advertising, but because of the window of opportunity, all operators are now seeking to market their products in the most strong possible, and then, in reality, the marketing seems to be more intense now than before the ban”,

specifies the director of Leovegas.

Leovegas is working at the level of the European Union. StarVegas on the same wavelength.

The company has filed a complaint asking the question to the European Commission, because the decree has violated several laws in the EU.

“We are confident that the EU will sit down and talk with the Italian Government indicating that the provision may not remain in force and must be removed. Sooner or later there will be a new government. We talked with the opposition, which considers this new law completely out of place, so let's hope that when will come a new government, calibreranno to this rule, with a law more sensible”.

Lindahl argues that operators with a licence have to take the responsibility of taking care of the players and sell games in a responsible way. Take as an example the Uk where there are stricter standards, such as those suggested by the Gambling Commission, that allow you to enhance and operate in the right way. She also cited the initiative of LeoVegas, who has decided to take a portion of your marketing budget and use it to promote responsible gambling. Considerations Lindahl find confirmation also in the strategies of other operators, in particular of StarVegas, that in the last two months has invested in resources for the relaunch of the platform AAMS, in addition to the programming and campaigns related to Responsible Gaming.

“What is certain is that players will continue to play in spite of everything”

“Just look at the alcohol prohibition in the United States where the people have continued to drink by finding alternative ways to do it. It's the same thing with the gambling. Italy is a thriving market, the italians will continue to gamble. Will only have more difficulty finding appropriate sites”, says Lindahl.

With regard to the location of affiliates, they may decide to exit the market .en or tornale lawlessness in as they risk being subjected to heavy fines.

“The Government believes that the ban on advertising will be followed as an example by other Countries in the Eu. I believe that it is a law neutral that goes against the recommendation of the european Union. On one hand Italy will release the licenses to the operators and on the other prohibit them to promote their business. But how can you promote a business without marketing? The situation could backfire against the players vulnerable which could end up on sites that are not interested at all to their protection,” says Lindahl.

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