Game of Thrones: a Man At Arms has forged Ice, the famous sword of Ned Stark

Published on Apr 06, 2017

The artisans of the Man at Arms have forged the famous Ice, the sword of Ned Stark is a view in Game of Thrones

Those who pronounce the sentence must be the one who falls, the sword.

These are the words that introduce the character of Eddard “Ned” Stark, and it is immediately clear that the dough is made the Protector of the North: a man of honor, a warrior is faithful to his promises, a figure that does not bend to compromise

The debut of the seventh season of Game of Thrones is still far away, but for the joy of all the fans eager to dive back into the events of Westeros, here's a treat that will not fail to attract the attention of the fans of the famous TV series.

The artisans of the Man-at-Arms – Reforged, the TV mini series in which they are constructed replicas of some of the weapons the most famous of films, TV series, anime and video games, have forged Ice (Ice), the sword of Ned Stark, the symbol of the authority of the Lord, as well as protector of winterfell and house Stark.

In the following video, we can admire all the efforts, the care, and the extraordinary professionalism and skill that have led to the forging of this blade is legendary, one of the weapons the most iconic of the entire landscape of fantasy world.

The guys of Man at Arms will not have had access to the legendary steel Valerian, but, on the other hand, you are “satisfied” using of steel bars 15N20 nickel steel and 1095 high-carbon content, and the result is that we will let you be the judge yourself.

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