Game Of Thrones 7: Kit Harington mimics Drogon in a funny video of Emilia Clarke

Published on Aug 18, 2017

Kit Harington showed off a unique interpretation of Drogon in a behind the scenes video filmed by his colleague Emilia Clarke

Finally, the test queen that closes the circle and shows that in the veins of Jon Snow's blood flows Targaryen, has finally arrived thanks to a funny video filmed by Emilia Clarke.

The actress, interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen, he has in fact posted on their profile Instagram, a video that shows Kit Harington in the role of Jon Snow, do to Drogon, one of the dragons of the Khaleesi.

I mean, JEEEZE, one pet of a dragon and he thinks he's one of them. ♀️ #youknownothingjonsnow #butyoudoknowhowtonotgetblownoffacliffingaleforsewindssotheresalwaysthat #everypunaboutwindicanthinkofinserthere

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I mean, JEEEZE, a baby dragon, and he thinks to be one of them.

Probably the actress, mindful of the counsel he received from Lady Olenna Tyrell that the suggested “be a dragon”, has given the same advice to Jon Snow, who, perhaps, also to add titles that put the “King of the North” that accompanies his short presentations, has claimed its origins with the movements of a real dragon, worthy of his rediscovered lineage.

Probably the seventh season of Game of Thrones will not reveal to the protagonists that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen (brother of Daenerys) and Lyanna Stark, a crossroads family history that could pave the way to a legitimate claim to the throne to Jon and, as many fans like to imagine, a marriage with Daenerys that can act as a prelude to a new and powerful ruling dynasty.

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