Gabriel Costanzo: for the first time a photo with his father Maurizio

Published on Sep 17, 2018

Harmony reigns in the Costanzo family as shown in the shot posted by the son of the journalist and tv presenter Maria De Filippi with his father. Gabriel Costanzo has decided to set aside the confidentiality that has always distinguished it.

He posted on his page in instagram a photo with his father, Maurizio. The father and son were granted a photo while they were sitting in the kitchen and could not miss the caption: ” dinner with daddy”. Gabriel has a unique relationship with his parents, with whom it shares the most important moments of his life.

In the month of July, the son of the presenter Maria De Filippi, put on social a picture with the mother by making her a special dedication to the importance of their relationship: “We are one force with another.” The son of Maurizio Costanzo has never taken part in the interviews of newspapers, but he collaborates with his mother in his production company.

Maurizio Costanzo has three children: the first two are Xavier and Camilla were born in the early seventies, from his marriage to Flaminia Morandi, while Gabriel is the third child. The journalist has established a special relationship with his sons with whom every twenty days gather to eat pizza in his studio.

The same De Filippi has a special relationship with his son Gabriel at the point that is defined as a mother, too intrusive, and for this reason was forced to take three steps back.

Began the new season of the television Mediaset sees Maurizio Costanzo return to the helm of The interview where he has the opportunity to speak with important characters of the show. In the first episode of the new edition of The interview will be the guest rapper Fedez, with the emphasis on its relationship with the success and the marriage with Chiara Ferragni.

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