Furious quarrel, the GF VIP 4 between Marx and Zequila after the clash Boiled-Elijah: fly rags


Published on Mar 25, 2020


Night out a lot of turbulent in the house of Big Brother VIP 4 this night. Scenes of ordinary madness that we really wanted to not tell you, also because of all the hassle that we have been this night, there is a package of cookies, well yes, a packet of biscuits. It all started from the fact that Marx would have seen the Lessa, take these cookies, that would be of Antonella Elia, and get them to Zequila. From here was born the first violent quarrel between the Boiled and the Elijah, who have come to the hands, and then the next one between Marx and Zequila.

Antonio Zequila intervened to split the two women, as you can see from the many video circulating on the network, but has not done so in the same way, according to Marx. The former footballer is in fact to note that Zequila pushed Elijah with strength, not by treating it in the right way. Zequila is there and responds to the tone. Then the two continue to argue with Antonella deployed by the party of Marx and Patrick and Andrea invited both of them to tone it down and to simmer down.

Marx: “But who the fuck believes you to be. I've broken the cock. Italian, Italian, it came to the professor's cock. I spoke in Italian. I told them you have taken you?! Italian I'm a dick”

Elijah: “you have given Me a shove or two. And you don't laugh Lycia, slippery, bad slippery that you're not another”

Marx: “I speak Italian just co I'm [email protected] Italian, I said it all in Italian, but who do you think you are? I have seen that came into the room and took the biscottie has brought them to you and you were sitting there”.

Zequila: “Just now. Why is the nomination now need certificates”.

The Elias continued saying that Zequila would push so hard so much to provoke them a pain in the wrist...Fernanda instead showed the bruises on her arms that show the violence used by Elijah.

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