Function AML iOS 11.3 could save the 7,500 lives in the next 10 years


Published on Mar 29, 2018


The European Emergency Number Association (EENA), the organization that represents the emergency services in more than 80 countries around the world, says that the function AML added in iOS 11.3 is a great news which could save more than 7,500 lives in the next ten years.

Advanced Mobile Location (AML) in iOS 11.3 allows you to automatically send the current location of a user when making a call to emergency services in the countries in which it is supported AML.

This technology allows emergency services to automatically locate the position of the person who has made a call to 112 (or 911 in the USA). Data is shared automatically via the GPS chip and Wi-Fi on the iPhone and are able to transmit the exact location of the user. In some cases, it is possible to narrow the location down to a specific room within the home.

After the release of the first beta of iOS 11.3, which integrates support to the AML , the EENA (European Emergency Number Association) has welcomed the news:

This is great news for the safety of the people. Means that will save more lives and we can't wait for iOS 11.3 is available for all in the next spring. Thanks to this built-in function on the iPhone, we expect that in the next 10 years will be saved at least 7,500 lives.

In the past, Apple refused to enable SUPPORT on the iPhone for privacy issues, but the latest updates of the service to ensure maximum security in the protection of sensitive data of the user. AML is only activated when an emergency call and transmits the location only to authorized operators. Once, as a shared location, usually within 30 seconds from the start of the emergency call, the APPLICATION automatically disables itself.

The EENA explains that often the person who calls to emergency numbers is too frightened or anxious and is unable to provide a precise address and correct. This can cause delays that, in some cases, can be fatal to the life of the person who is in danger. And in some cases to make emergency calls, can be of children, not able to provide a precise indication of the address of the parent in danger of life.

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