Fruits Basket Another towards the end


Published on Sep 20, 2017


Through the afterword of the second volume of the manga Fruits Basket, it's Another of Natsuki Takaya, we learn that the sequel of FuruBa is expected to conclude in the course of 2018, with the publication of the third volume.

Fruits Basket Another has made his debut in September 2015 on the digital magazine Hana to Yume Online — then renamed Manga Park. It's set in the same high school attended by the protagonists of the manga and the previous, now graduates, Tohru Honda, Kyo & Yuki Sohma, and revolves around Sawa, a student of the first year.

Remember that at the end of October the Planet Manga will launch a new edition of Fruits Basket original, already published by Dynit in Italy:

“A family that holds an ancient secret. A girl with a dowry of never giving up. The magic of the award-winning work of Natsuki Takaya will enchant you with its delicate poetry and his cast of unforgettable characters, in a story that is a hymn to friendship, love and the importance of fighting for their dreams.”

Source: MM

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