Fruits Basket Another: out in the last chapter, announced the first one-shot


Published on Dec 03, 2018


The chapter published on Monday, 2 December 2018 on the web site Manga Park of the publishing house Hakusensha ended the serialization of Fruits Basket Another, the sequel to the popular shojo manga of Natsuki Takaya's set in the same high school attended by the stars of the original, now graduates, Tohru Honda, Kyo & Yuki Sohma, and focuses on the first year student named Sawa.

The author, however, had already expressed the intention to publish chapters gea after the conclusion of the main story (which will be collected in three novels); we learn now that the first one-shot will be the protagonist Shiki Sohma:



— 高屋奈月@フルバナ2巻発売中 (@n_takaya77) December 3, 2018

In Japan, Fruits Basket Another has made his debut in September 2015 on the digital magazine Hana to Yume Online — later renamed Manga Park. The second volume was released on 20 September last.

In Italy it is still unpublished; the original was published for the first time by Dynit and by November 2017 is presented by Planet Manga, in a new edition.

The original work will enjoy a new transposition of the animated, recently announced.

Source: ANN

Fruits Basket Another: out in the last chapter, announced the first one-shot is




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