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Published on Dec 18, 2017


Tohru Honda, a young student, lives in a tent after her mother died because the grandfather that housed it, is renovating the house. However, one day the beautiful Yuki and the eccentric Shigure, family members Soma, the discover inside their properties, and in the end they offer you to live in their home after the tent, Tohru is swept away by a landslide. Shortly after another guy, Kyo Soma, come out suddenly from the roof to challenge Yuki to a fight. While Tohru tries to stop Kyo collides accidentally with Yuki and Shigure, turning them respectively into a cat, a mouse and a dog. The three are forced to explain to her that the members of the family Soma are afflicted by a curse: they are possessed by the spirit of one of the animals of the chinese zodiac (plus the cat), and turn into their respective animals if they embrace or collide with someone of the opposite sex. Although surprised, Tohru agrees to this bizarre peculiarity of the Soma, and learn to love them.

Fruits Basket Natsuki Takaya, Planet Manga, returns with a new edition, is a comedy family that progresses slowly over a deep history and mysterious on which rests the curse of the family Burden. Even if the pages of the first volume are infused with humor, the curse is always reminded to the reader, almost as a danger constantly below the surface.

The plot revolves around the beautiful character of Tohru, painted with a thousand facets. The girl is now sad and melancholy, now merry and hopeful. It brings with it a heavy burden of pain due to the loss of the mother and of the acts of bullying suffered by a child. An onigiri in the middle of many fruits that has no place in the fruit basket – the game takes its name from the title of the manga – Tohru will finally be its size, and the affection which is missing among the ranks of the eccentric and mysterious family Soma.

Fruit basket is a story, apparently simple, which is a play on the legend of the signs of the chinese horoscope, but in reality it focuses on the themes of abandonment, of exclusion and of different. Kyo, the cat in the legend is teased from the mouse and will be excluded from the 12 signs of the zodiac, fight with all his might to find his place within the family Soma. Yuki the rat, on the contrary, stifled by the rules and by the limits imposed by the family and a still unknown to the reader head of the family, closed in itself and is hard to tie with the other. Tohru is the glue, thanks to her smile and her extraordinary goodness of heart brings a breath of fresh air to the three young people, who entrust their secret. The future promises new encounters and many secrets to unveil.

The designs are typical of the shoujo of the early ’90s, with bodies long-limbed and eyes huge. Also the boys are depicted with a beauty and very feminine. Yuki is often and rightly mistaken for a girl due to its stunning charm. The most rude Kyo, but by the strokes is always elegant.

Overall, Fruits Basket is a manga series fresh and fun to read. The events unfold with speed and resolve in the space of a chapter. The characters are all original and suffered, each with a problem to solve and a goal to reach.

Highly recommended to lovers of shojio written as it should.

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