Frostpunk, frost is the enemy! – Review

Published on May 07, 2018

Frostpunk is a confirmation, before being a title particularly successful. When there are small studies such as 11 bit Studios, there is always the hope of seeing something spectacular, not so much from a visual point of view, as to the level of content. 11 Bit Studios has always known how to take advantage of this expectation, creating a small little gem known as This War of Mine.

The flaw of the game survival of 11 bit Studios was that after the first work of the kind, from the team we expected something grand. Frostpunk, then, was invested with a great responsibility, a role that at its release on Steam has been able to play in the perfect way.

Following a kind of linearity in their products, 11bit studios wanted to continue on a narrative line, rather strong: the survival in difficult times. If with This War of Mine was presented the hard task of civilians to survive during the war, with Frostpunk we turn to a setting and dystopian, but equally fierce.

A terrible wave of frost hits the Ground in 1886, decimating the population and forcing the survivors to seek areas more hospitable, especially rich in those resources that can allow you to continue to live. At the head of an expedition started in London, will be there with the few survivors to our destination: one of the last generators.

At the base of Frostpunk there will always be this fundamental instrument, able to guarantee the necessary heat to survive. Starting from this nerve centre, we will build our city, making it a safe haven for other survivors.

11 bit studios has given the your game the spirit of a city builder is particularly interesting. The setting in the cold is a hint of the narrative particularly well used to give life to an immersive gaming experience, and varied.

I don't know a few titles that rely on the instinct of survival, such as the recent Surviving Mars, but Frostpunk has a depth and a complexity unusual. What struck me was the way in which the developers have managed the social sector of our community. In the role of Captains we will have to not only meet the basic needs of our fellow sufferers, but also make difficult choices in terms of survival.

And it is said that it is easy, mind you. On more than one occasion choose to push more on the search for food to the place of production of raw materials can seem like a wise choice, but in the long give is likely to result in a supply of small coal, which inevitably leads to the shutdown of the generator.

Generator off means no heat, and the cold can not help tightening of the minds! To better control these citizens harassed, we will have the opportunity to establish policies, which will be our way to impose iron discipline. The varieties of this aspect of Frostpunk allows us to act on faith, giving life to a sort of religion, or the spirit of adaptation. Every choice we will make available different buildings and possibilities with which to guide our subject.

This combines the technological research, which , divided into tiers to allow us to make choices that can give more hope to our colony. Divided into different specialties (generator, food, resources, technology) the research will be a challenge in the challenge. To guess our way, knowing how few resources are used to the best advantage, is complex and compelling, making every game different and challenging.

And since we did not have enough variations with which to deal with Frostpunk, the creators of the game have decided to include an interesting feature: the scout. After having built, in the first minutes of the game, a special building, we will have the opportunity to send in the external world of the explorers, who will be our eyes in the devastation.

From resource recovery to the rescue of other survivors, the scouts will also be our tool for progress in the history of Frostpunk, that, in a non-invasive but well-characterized, seeks to give us small tasks with which to deal with the different scenarios.

The difficulty to survive in Frostpunk is a constant, made better by the theme of 11bit Studios. How securities-style Into the breach, the end game will come when we will miss our mission, which is to ensure the safety of our camp. And fail, it means the exile, among the eternal ice!

In the first few games, the sense of frustration was pretty high. In spite of what at the beginning seemed to be a good system to survive, soon I noticed as each floor seemed to be subject to a large number of variables that can go wrong. Because let's face it, Frostpunk is pretty damn challenging.

But it is also fun. Be able to establish a social policy that fits the best to the progression of social is a very exciting challenge. After a few games I managed to find out how to optimize my workforce, divided between the workers and the engineers, in order to take advantage of every element in the best of ways. And in that moment, Frostpunk has become a perfect mechanism as complicated and difficult to master, it's obvious, but still exciting.

Also because of graphics shades of steampunk in that it depicts the best of the style, the technological and the social in the victorian period. The buildings look dilapidated, flanked by buildings that are more complex, the whole contained in a polar environment made the best of a climate simulation accurate and well defined.

Well said, Frostpunk looks perfect, but some difettuccio there would be. There's no shortage of small improvements, especially in the shots when we try to zoom in on certain areas of the camp, or small minor bug. Counting the forces that have made this title, it is trifles, that does not scratch in any way with the charm of Frostpunk.

Frostpunk is a title very interesting, one of the most valid in this sector emerged in these first months of 2018. And then, with the hot season coming, you want to bring that satisfaction to try to survive in a world that is cold?

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