From those Who have seen it: in the hospital to Raise the COVID19 before Codogno. The evidence from the Val Seriana


Published on Mar 27, 2020


What really happened in the province of bergamo and how is it possible that, unlike what happened in lodi, no one has realized that the province was considered a red zone? The inhabitants of Nembro and Alzano, to mention just two countries, if they ask for for almost a month, and every day they make on behalf of victims. But nobody at the moment knows how to give them an answer.

In the episode of those Who saw it aired on march 26, 2020 return back in time. It's back to the 15 February when in the hospital to Raise something happens. On 15 February, mind you, we still don't know anything about Matthias, the patient 1 hospital of Codogno. The story begins on 19 February and is the light between the 20 and the 21 of February when in the area of lodi, you will start to do the pads for what will be the first wave of emergency coronavirus.

But back to Raise. The journalists Who have seen it have reconstructed what has happened in the structure. On 15 February, a senior goes to the emergency room of the hospital to Raise their very serious conditions. After the first suspicions and the patient, the answer comes the 22 February: the man is positive for the coronavirus. And passed then a week, elder is transited into the emergency room, in various departments, has had to deal with several physicians and with other patients; his relatives went to visit him, the doctors have come into contact with him. Only after the buffer is transferred to the hospital of Bergamo, but first, remains for a week, to Raise.

But in Val Seriana everything is silent as to Whether the bomb explodes, you talk to patient 1, and find the patient 0. No one goes on tv, no one apparently tells you that in the province of Bergamo, something is going on.

The hospital closes for a short time. In the service of those Who have seen it shows the post published on the social, on the FB page of the hospital. You close the emergency room for a few hours, then open it again. No sanitizing as they learn the journalists of Rai 3. Around are talking about a contagion from Covid-19, but the staff must work at all costs. The emergency, therefore, reopens without sanitization, receiving and making out the many “transparency unconscious”. A nurse tells the story of what was happening in those days, talk about how you worked in the hospital.

In the meantime, outside, in the wake of #milanononsiferma Bergamo launches its campaign, #bergamonon stops. And you continue to fill in the states, the streets, the local.

Today, the inhabitants of Rise, and the inhabitants of Nembro you pose so many questions. In the course of yesterday's press conference in Rome at the headquarters of the civil protection, a journalist asked questions well-on the precise situation of bergamo, and questions that in reality you are the time.

The journalist, Veronica Benedict has asked: “This morning we published a note on the ISS, which closed a closure and isolation of Alzano Lombardo and Nembro. The scientific committee had taken into account this cutoff?”.

The answer: “The evolution of this epidemic has been an important and sudden, massive areas of the North. We activated. Have been made to the assessments of the approach to the problem and very accurate. We have given the indications and suggestions have been taken into account. Then we closed the whole of Italy. We evaluated a lot of suffering, the appropriate measures. I do not know to whom the document refers. But the ISS has developed with us the strategies.

The journalist continued: “it Is a matter of 2 technical notes 2 and 5 march. We ordered a total closure of the two Municipalities, then a disaster happened...”. The total closure could be motivated more by the presence of a possible patient 1 in the Val Seriana. While in the region and in the Veneto region is taking measures, in Bergamo, was. Today, we continue to see the corpses carried away by the army, and to ask ourselves what is going on.

In an article signed by Francesca Nava on TPI are collected other testimonies of those who in those days worked in the hospital to Raise and that provide, the same reconstructions made from the service of the journalists of Rai 3. How is it possible that you came to this? Also, remember, that a few days after the explosion of the emergency, the Premier, Count had spoken also of a hospital where they had not complied with the protocols. Maybe someone in Lombardy he had thought Up while in the rest of Italy it was thought to Codogno, since nobody outside of the region, at the end of February, could have imagined what was going on in Bergamo. The leadership of the Lombardy region, was outraged by inviting the Count to reconsider his statements, and you know how it all went down. Today the words of the Premier, acquire a completely different meaning. If it was Lift up the hospital outbreak? And because I don't know you choose to close all?

In his article for TPI la Nava speaks of the famous print, then yesterday it was asked in the press conference. Explain:

What we have been able to verify is that on 2 march – a week after the diagnosed the first patients infected by Covid19 to the hospital in Alzano Lombardo and while the majority of the mayors of Lombardy, led by Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of Milan, and Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo, launched the slogan “Milan does not stop” and “Bergamo does not stop” – has been put in writing, a technical note of the national Institute of Health, that showed that the incidence of infection by Covid19 in the municipalities of bergamo of Alzano Lombardo and Nembro and in brescia Orzinuovi, recommending the isolation immediately and the closing, with the creation of a red zone, like that of Codogno.

The technical note was subsequently detailed and enriched with new information in date 5 march. The journalist continues: “ Unfortunately, we don't know, as citizens, and even journalists, if this note has never been put in the minutes and signed by all the members of the technical-scientific Committee and both never arrived on the table of the Count. “

The citizens of Nembro and Alzano, however, want to know more, and are rallying to make a legal action group and know everything that really happened in the hospital.

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