From the Senate the approval of the law against cyberbullying

Published on Feb 01, 2017

The Hall where the Senate approves practically unanimously, with 224 yes, one no, and 6 abstentions, the draft law that aims to counter the phenomenon of cyberbullying. Here's what establishing. From the Senate the approval of the law against cyberbullying. The measure, rewritten compared to the version licensed by the Chamber, will have to return to Parliament, in the fourth reading. “We presented is essentially the original text, what was approved here at the Palazzo Madama” may 20, 2015 explains the first petitioner and rapporteur Elena Ferrara (Pd), “why we preferred to disconnect the protection of children from that of adults” without revisiting the current penal code. “The phenomenon of cyberbullying is so serious – he stresses – that we chose to focus on children who are the most vulnerable”. For adults, the defense tools already are, insists the senator Ferrara, while the protection of young people “must be strengthened”. So the ddl will have to return to the examination Room “with the hope that you approve as soon as possible”, essentially measures of prevention and education in schools for both the victims, both for the “bully”. Among the changes: the definition of the phenomenon and the possibility for the child (without the parent knowing) to ask directly to the administrator of the site, obscuring or removal of “cyber aggression”. In the case where the operator ignores the alarm, the victim, this time with the parent's informed, you can contact the ombudsman for Privacy that within 48 hours will have to intervene. The draft law establishes, among other things, a technical committee inter-ministerial at the Presidency of the Council with the task of coordinating the various interventions and to develop an integrated Plan to combat bullying via the web. And establishes the procedure “warning” as in the law anti-stalking: the “bully” over 14 will be convened by the Quaestor along with mom or dad, and the affections of the”warning” will cease only once you are of age. Each school will have to identify between the prof a clerk at the contrast and the prevention of “cyberbullying,” which can avail itself of the cooperation of the police force. The satisfaction of the politicians and Save the Children. “Finally, it deals with so decided a phenomenon that is often underestimated”, said the minister of School, Valeria fedeli. The ddl is “a concrete response,” says Save the Children. Met the minister Anna Finocchiaro, which speaks of “important step” because “a distorted use of the network by an individual or a group of people can bring, if directed towards a child, to tragic consequences”. Despite the appreciation of “bipartisan” (voted yes even the senators of the M5s) , do not vote for the bill, senators of the “Idea” Carlo Giovanardi and Gaetano Quagliariello. For them, with the ddl - “you want to impose the theory of gender in the schools.” (ANSA)

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