From The Hyenas to the studies of professor Didier Raoult on the basis of idroclorochina to fight coronavirus


Published on Apr 22, 2020


Alessandro Sarno has brought us in France, more precisely in Marseille for its first service in the new era of The Hyenas in the era of the coronavirus. The COVID 19 he also speaks in his service. In Marseille, in fact, she works for a doctor, professor Didiet Raoult, in the last weeks he explains to his fellow countrymen, but also to those from all over the world is interested to his care, as it is simple, he said, to fight the covid 19. The choices made by Italy, Spain and also from France, according to prof Raoult are wrong. Not had to put people in quarantine, but to fight against the virus, pluck it out and cure it. And it is for this reason that at the hospital where he works, are made pads payment to see if it has the coronavirus and, if it is positive, you start treatment based on idroclorochina associated with a other medication, as is shown by the studies done by the professor ( at the time it's based on about 1000 patients) in the space of a few days, lead to the eradication of the virus.

The posted de The Hyenas head with your own eyes what happens. In front of the hospital, we will put you in line to get in to do the test, that he is receiving, only ten hours, after via mail, to the result. But what strikes him is also another entrance, the one reserved for patients who have been treated by the professor and are grateful to have received the care against the coronavirus. Back in the hospital for the controls of the case and for the new analysis, but to the one sent to Italy 1 tell us to be very good.

After a meeting with Macron and with the experts who are dealing with the coronavirus in France, the care of the professor become official.

“By way of derogation from article L. 5121-8 of the code of public health, – stated in the text of the law available on the website LegiFrance – the idroclorochina and the association loinavir/ritonavir can be prescribed, administered, or administered under the responsibility of a doctor to patients infected by Covid-19, in the health facilities in which they are admitted, as also, for the continuation of treatment if their conditions allow and consent” of the doctor who has prescribed “initially” the cure, “at home”. It is clear that it is not a cure fai da te, and that the medicines, if taken home, can also lead to death. You need to be followed by a physician who is able to understand what is the right dosage to follow.

But of course, also in France, are very the experts to be skeptical.

“No study demonstrates the efficacy” of the drug on people suffering from Coronavirus,” explains Christophe D Enfert, scientific director of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, adding that this does not mean that the anti-malaria “is not interested in the treatment of the Covid”. In the episode of Le Iene show up the documents: studies, start with the first patients, a few, twenty. Then you get to a hundred and then a thousand with those that are according to Didier and his team of scientific evidence that leaves no doubt. The professor reiterates that China, with the experience of the coronavirus in 2020, but also with those of the past, continue to receive all the information that may be useful to understand how you have to fight him, how is he doing. No doubt on the fact that the "cure" to be effective.

In the service of The Hyenas are also shown on the excerpt of the video that is brought to the doctor also the label of a doctor who spreads fake news. At the end of February in fact, on YouTube has posted a video from the tone of the triumphal titled "Coronavirus: the end of the game!", ensuring that the whole world has already at hand the cure for the epidemic: therapy based on chloroquine. At first even the the French ministry of Health has branded her treatment as “fake news” and many of his colleagues don't think like him. But then, as it is also seen in the service of The Hyenas, and many things have changed.

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